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  1. custom application

    I don't define public as "can I access it", I consider it has the company allowed the public population the right to use it. Though you technically can access some information, permission to do so is a different story.
  2. custom application

    Without permission, since the APIs are not currently public, it would be a violation of more than just the TOS.
  3. Windows 8 Command Center

    Awesome! Looks like a great addition to the current line up. Can't wait to give it a try when I get home. And on that Surface Im going to be winning.... right guys... .. right?
  4. How to switch factions

    Swarm is growing pretty rapidly now a days.
  5. Qonqr game profile V Forum profile

    Technically the developers do "run" the software, they just didn't write it. I wonder how easy it is to write modules for IP Board....
  6. How to switch factions

    You should email support@qonqr.com with all faction change requests.
  7. Switch Factions

    Early days were last week. Where have you been, under a rock?
  8. Recieve alerts via text message.

    I still have never received one so I am doubting their existence.
  9. One Billion Nanobots

    If you can find the workers, I'll finance it. For testing purposes only of course.
  10. I think this is accurate. You should use those numbers to go get your lottery numbers. On another note, Supertrampoline, are you really liking your own posts now? ...
  11. One Billion Nanobots

    If any of you are curious, assuming you use the best bot/energy ratio (Deflection 4), it would take 800,000 launches to get to 1 billion bots, which would cost 416,000 cubes (400,000 for nanobot refresh packs and 16,000 for energy refresh packs). This would take 832 packs at the $100 level (500 cubes), costing you $83,200, and assuming you can launch at a rate of 1 launch ever 4 seconds, it would still take you 37 days to launch the bots if you launched 24/7.
  12. Qonqr qards

    Hmm... Jadems "qards" + VistaPrint + ? = PROFIT!! ... Or at the very least QONQR domination.
  13. Two way messaging mock up

    I love the concept Supertrampoline! Especially since its's threaded. Like darkiran said though, there is A LOT that has to be done before the devs can get to adjusting currently working mechanics when there are many that need to be fixed.
  14. Recieve alerts via text message.

    I was debating writing something similar once the API was released (however far in the future that may be), but since push notifications came into play, I don't think this is even need anymore.
  15. Tennessee Legion

    It is quite an addictive game. Make sure you remember to go to work.. and breathe. Breathing is important.