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  1. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    Ah the wink is powerful
  2. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    To the guy who said that the Texas panhandle is a poor place you are such an IDIOT. Its called the panhandle from the shape of the state. The north part of Texas is the "panhandle" of the rest of the state. How are we a poor part of the state when we have a company Bell Helicopter who is building the next one for the the president of the united states. Look up your facts first
  3. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    Thanks to faceless to helping out. I'll change the post. Anyone who wants to help me knock out the swarm in the area is welcome. They are too powerful
  4. Battle: Texas Panhandle

    Looking for LEGION players to take control of the Texas panhandle. Who is in?!