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  1. Location Spoofers

    This seems problematic. I know at work when I am in dense buildings my location is assigned in different spots 1-3 miles apart from deploy to deploy. I hope the code is intelligent and accounts for this.
  2. Bot Boosters - Worth Using?

    Question about these "Boosters": They are supposed to work for you and all your faction allies correct? So if a local player deploys them into a heavily defended zone or two, then remote faction allies launch missiles, does the missile damage get boosted or amplified? I was thinking this may be the only way to take down some defensive players these days. IMHO, the extensive game rebalance is overly weighted now towards defense. To take out only 453 bots with Shockwave now is demoralizing. I see players just amassing large amounts of bots now and not doing much. Appreciate the answer to the question. Thx.
  3. Plasma beam tactical question...

    Lastly, will the enemy get an alert??? Or since I will not have claimed the territory will it just show up as an empty zone the next time they look?
  4. Plasma beam tactical question...

    I am aware. It's the no traceability that is appealing.
  5. Plasma beam tactical question...

    Excellent! In future developments please keep in mind these small but important attack advantages for players who are not Lvl 100. It makes the game more interesting and should help with retention. Looking forward to some (mostly) untraceable devastation over the holidays...
  6. Windows 8 Command Center

    On 2nd thought, the lack of call outs when you are zoomed in to your local area of interest levels the playing field a bit. If such detailed information is known, a lesser level player loses the ability to silently chip away and soften bigger foes. There has been active discussion on how to support lower level players. Please consider this point when making changes. Maybe at least just show the bot depletion for those attacked but not reveal the faction attacking or their gains?? Just thinking out loud for my junior peeps. BTW I recruited 2 and they are addicted. Just listening to their feedback. Thanks.
  7. I was wondering the following: If I use the Plasma Beam to take out large numbers of enemy bots and I eliminate them all in a zone, will the zone revert to an Uncontrolled status or will it be awarded to me even though I have placed no physical bots into the zone? Reason I ask is that I'd like to go to a city and lay low and wreck some anonymous havoc without any bots being left in zones and thus providing a means of traceability. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks in advance...
  8. Windows 8 Command Center

    In addition to the bug where zones don't appear unless you zoom in or out, my map also does not display any call out boxes with activity. I tested this by deploying and seeing if anything popped up. The app says there is an "Update" but then nothing really displays. No asterisk or anything. Also, may I suggest that rather than every 2 minutes we can have some interval that is more useful? Ideally, it would be nice to set the interval to display all activity within a monitored zone. I cant sit there and stare at it every 2 minutes. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that my map is not displaying any zone activity or call outs....