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  1. Level 100 in how long?

    I think it took me three weeks? It's been about a year now, and I can't really remember. I remember playing actively, daily from the get-go... and being annoyed at how long it was taking... but that's about it.
  2. 3k exchange rate

    it's all relative, McPwn. SK started very recently. We did not. This system is what he and many other plays know. I completely understand the frustration.
  3. MrBizzy

    Unhuman that's brilliant. Bravo.
  4. Socialization in Qonqr

    Your logic behind the name of fluffy still eludes me.
  5. Power tilt and the decline of a faction.

    LOL Green and purple equal out quite well in some places? Surely, surely you don't mean Tampa. Capnspade only chases your coat tails because he's afraid of being wiped off the map. At least Mavriq had the guts to oppose you and your friends.
  6. Power tilt and the decline of a faction.

    Zopy, does every post you make reference your love affair with Mardi Gras? How much do they pay you for the advertising?
  7. Socialization in Qonqr

    Best faction ever? I suppose you would know, seeing as you've been all three.
  8. Funniest Zone Names

    Negrotown Knoll, Florida
  9. Unofficial General strategy guide

    Bravo, sir.
  10. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    Sigh. Android is truly a hot mess of an ecosystem.
  11. Richin109 removed from #1 US spot

    SuperTramp, you hit the nail on the head as to why I do not consider Richin the "#1 player" of QONQR. I can honestly say my frustration at the beginning almost led me to give my new app an early retirement. He snuffs out ALL opposition and only deploys in the same 5-6 zones over and over. Look around the Orlando area (mostly just north and south of Orlando, nothing close to the east or west) and you'll see. I can't imagine that sort of play style would be even remotely entertaining, but I'm not exactly strict on controlling all zones in range (I happily share my territory with a few awesome Swarm) Trust me, his time will come. I see a statewide (maybe regional) effort on the horizon to snuff HIM out. You'll have your day, Lok.
  12. Richin109 removed from #1 US spot

    I would like to, ya know, make a point that I never said it was permanent. Besides, I moved. He has little to no resistance in his region now, so if it's fun for him to just launch for absolutely no reason over and over and over again for hours a day.... good for him (I think)
  13. LEGION fan art

  14. At exactly 7:01pm Eastern Standard Time, Jenandt0nic and I along with a little help from Tampa Bay Legion Axxr, pushed Richin109 into 2nd place on the US Leaderboards. Other factions, let this be a lesson: Legion are loyal. Legion protect their own. And if you decide you want to test us, remember the story of Richin109. Axxr delivered the knockout blow that finally pushed Supertrampoline ahead. Supertrampoline as well was aware of my efforts and loaded on the bots quite successfully. l would like to personally thank Richin109 for pushing me to eliminate his position, jenandt0nic, Jaiba, and Axxr for their help bringing down the purple giant off the top spot.