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    Graphic design
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    Mexican food and more Mexican food (its all you can find in SOcal lol)
    I play the drums
    And cats are pretty cool even though I have a dog now >.>
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  1. Criminal Behavior Pushed Me To Quit

    I wonder what his horrible message was to his tern daughter and mother that made someone report him. Don't you want your family members to help you, not despise you? Or maybe I shouldn't wonder that because it sounds awfull I'm glad I never met the guy online.
  2. Faceless Masks (profile pics)

    yea those hoodie lights are pretty dope
  3. Faceless Masks (profile pics)

    thats a pretty good edit of the V mask, btw you should take a look at jadems prometheous mask that he made for halloween man its pretty sick its got LEDS and everything
  4. Swarm Poster

  5. Posters

    I like the simplicity, it gets straight to the point and the black certainly holds down egerything oh and if I may ask did you hand create the 3 leaders because they are spot on. If not where did you get them from just a screen capture or what? if you feel you dont to answer that cool too, trade secrets are important.
  6. Faceless Poster

    no I can change it, it takes me a while to upload though cuz I have no internets, oh and I made them green because of jadems real life display promethious mask, which is pretty rad
  7. Faceless Poster

    i feel it is a little unfair to only touch one of the 3 factions while making fan posters so i made a faceless one the legion will be next unless any of you faceless memebers need me to make any changes contructive criticism is welcomed also i know this is a rather large jpg reaching the 4mb limit of 3.88mb so here is a link else where http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h374/z1ldj1an1/Faceless.jpg
  8. Swarm Poster

    Hey plasma I will glady make you a poster of your Hq just let me know if your interested, and also I realized the poster looks better on a PC then on phone
  9. Swarm Poster

    I guess all i have to say is, i am apart of the swarm and I conquered Encinitas my hometown and HQ with this poster i suppose i am putting a target on my head. The building in the poster is the famous swamis self realization center and it really stands out in the town. Also swami's has great surf, i also thought that the whole protect beauty and perfection was a nice double meaning for the qonqure its self and the town of encinitas so i had to throw it in. http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h374/z1ldj1an1/SawrmCeninitas.jpg
  10. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When I wrote that in my head I was like this is an awesome idea, what a funny but this is but now when I look at it and analyze it on paper I had forgotten how many different scenarios could arise, I guess when your laying in bed half awake deploying armies and posting on the forms my brain. Wasn't fully developed. families do play this ga.e and post on the forms and for me to post something stupid like that I do regret My apologies -z1ldj1an
  11. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    During **** all you think about is the million man army your about to deploy in one shot conquering your girlfriend for your faction.