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  1. new goals for richin109

    Stay #1. Keep stacking. Hit 60 million!
  2. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I have an andriod HTX One X.
  3. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

    ooo I'll be watching.
  4. new players look here.

    You get more qubes if you join the faceless, I hear.
  5. I lost a 800k zone because of this. I couldn't deploy, enemies could..
  6. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Happy birthday Silver!!
  7. I quit.

    So he didn't quit. Thread=lie
  8. Milestones

    Staff sgt. (one upped) lol
  9. Nice work Silver. Keep it up!
  10. Swarm Poster

    Needs more purple.
  11. Scope Overheating Issues

    I've had the same issue. It gets annoying.
  12. Milestones

    After 10 days of playing, Corporal Level 100 58 Caps 7 Leads 655K bots destroyed
  13. Plasma is a long range attack?

    Yes I am a long-range attack.
  14. Hi my name is super tramp

    ^ That Can you type it in a post? I can't read it either.
  15. QONQR Rules Everything Around Me

    Get the what?