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  1. switching accounts on ipad

    True to uninstall and wait 24hrs.. No go
  2. Does anyone know how to log into a different account on an iPad? The remove/reinstall method does not seem to work...
  3. Qommnd site should be disabled!

    i agree omega... we have several in this area that check qommnd religiously... i refuse to spend anymore money or recruit any more players to suck a flawed system... the devs really need to start listening to issues like these because it really inhibits game growth outside of the small core community it already has... who want's to sit and stack all day? boring messed up game.
  4. So does anyone else agree with me that the Qommnd site is a kind of anti-strategy, and an un-motivating tool used to turn qonqr into a strictly stacking game? It definitely doesn't take an hour for attacks to show up, and even if it did, two tanks of bots is hardly enough to allow for much of an offensive. Also, in an area like mine where one faction out numbers the other 3-1 there is no chance to do anything except watch your zones get slowly pushed because we can't launch an offensive because of the site. Why would a new player want to play this game? I know when I see new players in the area the ruling faction here just wipes them out and they never try again... Why would I want to spend a dime on this game when an application which is completely outside of the game can be used to gain an edge? Would love to see how many new unique players are joining qonqr a week and actually sticking with the game in an area where they are a member of the minority faction. Please disable the public API or at least make it where Qommnd.com can only get updates MAX 24 hours. The one hour is not enough, and you can force it to update before an hour anyways so what's the point? Do something please.
  5. Location Spoofers

    What about deploying from planes... I'm able to deploy while flying when attached to the plane wi-fi and my location appears to be legit usually, but my speed will show up as 400+ mph.. Would this get me flagged?
  6. Greetings from Alabama

    Just switch to swarm and you will be fine..
  7. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Release an android version already before you start losing players because there isn't enough competition!!!
  8. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Still taking beta testers?
  9. bases not producing qredits

    Noooooo!!! How can I upgrade my stuff!?!?!
  10. I've run into a weird bug where my bases are not producing qredits... I haven't received qredits for over an hour now.. What should I do?