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  1. Reinforcements have arrived.
  2. Windows 8 Command Center

    I've been using the command center for a week now and it is greatly improving my strategic planning. I've noticed that it will populate 100 zones at first. If you leave it up it will start to populate new zones that are recently updated. I found this out by watching the whole USA for a hour or so. I would like to see the survey lock be customable. ie: Country, State, and Sphere. But I'm sure you devs will add lots of amazing things to this app.
  3. Pharro | Legion | Central Texas

    LOL Monk. I'm having a great time! Thanks for letting me camp out in your area. I'm going to have to change my tactics against you here soon.
  4. Greetings everyone! I've been playing for a while now building up territory in Texas, Connecticut, and New York. I also just hit level 100 this week! I'm ready to put the boot down on the faceless and swarm. I look forward to fighting for the Legion!