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  1. Zones for the taking..

    Take as many as you can. I'm on vacation and I took a whole bunch and moved my bases here, so now I'm building up because my brother might play when Android version comes out and I'm here to see him. So if you have a recruit in the works, then maybe build up. Otherwise, just go crazy.
  2. New Windows Phone Release Submitted

    Used to be that you hit the back button while it's on the loading screen, it would launch and take you back to the launch page. I'd use that to launch a bunch of strikes at once. But now I can just tap the page whenever and it'll take me to the results screen, then I go back. Takes a little longer. I did have the same problem as listed above, but only once. Now I just do as I mentioned above.
  3. New Windows Phone Release Submitted

    Sounds awesome, Silver. Downloading update now to play and take over some more zones. EDIT: Doesn't look like Seeker button has moved.
  4. Richin109 removed from #1 US spot

    And he's up by 3.2 million right now. Swarm and Legion are just so cute!
  5. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    On the launch screen we should have the option of choosing to see the animation or not. It's easy to skip them (and WP7 has a bug that allows rapid fire) so it isn't a huge deal. But would be nice to skip in a quick battle.
  6. Gaining a Foothold

    If it was me, I would ask the Faceless for a zone that you can have. Seeing as you're new, they might be willing to work with you. I've tried to do that but the Swarm in my area are stubborn and don't believe in working with other factions so it all depends on how willing the Faceless are.