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  1. Windows 8 Command Center

    Understood, Silver. Pwn, it is always a delight to watch a temporary splash of green hit Portland like a cresting wave
  2. Windows 8 Command Center

    I don't know if it's because of it being a virtualization on my Mac, it's the 64-bit version, or what but a.) a fresh reinstall does not allow locked Stumbler Mode and b.) no update option anywhere...
  3. Windows 8 Command Center

    How are updates handled on Win8 Silver? im not seeing any option to update, unless it hasnt hit the store yet can't wait
  4. Lostsoul Joined the Legion

    Hmm looks like there was a little fiasco over your offensive... Taking on The Faceless across the border... gutsy! But why not join the true fight? The Legion are merely a tyranny among the GREEN Comrades of the Swarm in Oregon. Oh and welcome to the game!
  5. Speaking of being cautious about whom you communique with... Evening Onyx. I enjoyed the Washington weather, and Seahawks game, immensely.
  6. Remember Kinetic, Info (and the control and flow of said info) is just as important as the bots you send into combat. Be cautious of all communique, and make decisions in the name of the progression of Swarm! Glad to have you alongside
  7. Wow four days of straight attacks... Hmm... That sounds like fun...
  8. Hey Silver... Haven't gotten your email yet... And if it goes to a Legion, can I call foul!? And again, thank you for the great game. I look forward to seeing it evolutions.
  9. I think when you start to have a few good contacts and begin to see the dynamics of your areas battlefields, the lore can sometime be filled in by the players themselves (ie role playing games such as D&D...) I know our area has very high level play and we tend to take off on our own tangents, which I enjoy immensely.
  10. Performance issues on Jan 1

    Slow along I-5 :Corridor: lol. C'mon I got important things to do!!!!
  11. Performance issues on Jan 1

    It's all the nanos dropping in Oregon... There is some fierce fighting going on for sure! I was wondering about the "lag", thanks for letting us know!
  12. Request for Faction Forum

    Done. Thank you guys. I hope my fellow Swarm have a Happy New Year. May my aspirations coincide with yours, as we show these scum a thing or two.
  13. McPwn here.

    Why h3llo! So you're the roach that I am constantly trying to squish, eh? Have you had any sense knocked into that a Legion life is not the way to live? That a convergence and assimilation with QONQR is the only true way, and The Swarm can bring you there? If so, we gladly accept your allegiance
  14. Windows 8 Command Center

    Just fired up Win8 through VirtualBox on my iMac. I have a few tweaking to do display-wise but Command Center is up and running. The app is an incredible idea and the KOG Swarm now has a central cell There are obvious limitations I'd like to see raised like more on screen nodes etc, but all in all, a great addition to an already amazing game!
  15. Is there a formal process for admittance to the faction specific forums? I'm feeling a little lonely here in the NW as a Swarm... R3QUI3M Watch the skies...