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  1. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    That's true... doesn't happen in Chicago tho'. New players are given the option to switch to Faceless or have been blasted out of existence. I'd be curious to see the retention rates - by area, by faction, by level, by spend... it should be kept entirely anonymous but the analytic side of me would love to crunch the numbers to see if there's any correlations between the metrics, particular as it relates to rate of growth in # of players. I would have hoped this game would have attracted a least 100 players in Chicago by now... yet I'm guessing the number of actual players (not multiscopes) is exactly the same now as it was a year ago. It really diminishes the potential of this game if they can't find a way to attract more players, as well as retain the ones they have.
  2. Daily Coolant

    does anyone even get sync locked anymore? with the no rules, you'd have to be a moron to get locked. not that there aren't a fair share of moronic multiscopers... but i'm finding it more of a hassle to try sync locking all 25 accounts. and if i miss one, then i need to spend to get more locks. so i never even bother anymore. it might be "strategy" for some, but for me it's a waste of time when you're surrounded by a dozen multiscopers. didn't mean to dis the idea. just didn't see how it provided value. don't stop dreaming though!
  3. The problem with cubes

    dings loves cubes like imelda marcos loved shoes... but seriously, is it THAT boring down south there that you can think of nothing better to spend your money on? i get the a dollar's worth of entertainment is a dollar's worth of entertainment... but wow... i have 101 things i want to buy and cubes are not even in the top 100...

    in 'murica, we grew up with pepe le pew, so that's our barometer for French culture. plus we live on french fries and french toast, our standards for French cuisine. .
  5. yeah... the whole thing would be moot if somehow qonqr would acquire more users. can you imagine if each faction had 100+ players? it would be insane! i compare it with half a dozen other mobile war games i've played, where your alliances are typically 100 members, and there's at least 25 of those alliances in each world filled with active players, on any one of 10-12 servers with different worlds... a single player could never, ever dominate - no matter how much they spent. sure, they'd be a valued asset, but just one part of an overall strategy. and then i get to qonqr and we've got a dozen people in all of chicago and 10 of them are faceless... so much potential... so few players.
  6. i've thought long and hard on this topic... i've given up hope there's any solution for identifying multiscopers. it's virtually impossible to distinguish between a husband and wife playing, or one person with a device in each hand. no way to do it. the only solution i see would be more players. across all factions. dilute the effect. or the npc idea... if the multiscopers are dominating an area and you can't keep up, it would be great to have an npc to dole out some damage and even the playing field. sounds incredibly hard to develop though.
  7. Daily Coolant

    not sure the point... if you have one, and your multi-scoping friend has one (for each of his/her scopes) then don't they just negate each other?
  8. The problem with cubes

    the problem we're having, is that instead of the number of players increasing (to minimize the effects of cubing) we have players quitting. or switching to the dominant faction. which when you extrapolate it out, means eventually you'll have only one faction at play, with no one to attack so they build, which in turn makes it impossible for new players to actually battle. take it a step further and i can see the day when the "whales" no longer have reason to spend money either. nothing to take down anymore. it doesn't sound like that's the case in the twin cities though. you have plenty of players across each faction. i'd be curious how the growth occurred - what makes the twin cities, with a much smaller population, more apt to play qonqr than the chicago area, with over 1m iphones and at least 100 windows phones. because you pull the multiscopes aside and you've got less than 30 players across all factions, and probably less than 20 that play with any sort of frequency. the economics are fairly simple as well. so long as qonqr fosters the whale based approach, you'll have fewer players than the other games. let's assume they're at a run rate of 1,000 users averaging $500/mo. that brings in $500k per month. whales dominate, free players either join the dominant faction or get bored and quit. switch that to a model that attracts more users that need to spend less to play and "win", say 1,000,000 users averaging $1/mo. 99 cents is pretty much the benchmark for app spend for the average user. now you've doubled your income. and massively increased your user base. question is, can you do that without losing the whales? i believe so. but for this game to go viral, and i truly believe it has that potential, you can't put a new user in a position of immediately being crushed. i can think of no other game that sets up it's users from the get-go with this predicament. i'll reiterate, i believe this to be a chicago thing and i'm not aware if this is happening other places. no one is breaking any rules, and everyone here is playing the game as they way they enjoy to play. i just don't see a bright future for a three faction interplay in chicago as you do in the twin cities and i have no idea how the devs can fix that. you've got some good ideas though. hopefully they're planning something along those lines.
  9. The problem with cubes

    yes, i live in the chicago area, home of both cubers and multiscopers, and even better, CUBING MULTISCOPERS! i quit spending because it no longer made a difference. i can't compete against 3 people with 20 scopes, that are spending to boot. i don't want to send this thread down that rabbit hole, because i do feel chicago is a unique scenario in the game. a huge metropolitan area with very few players, and an inordinate amount of wealthy multiscopers. so my situation is probably different than anyone else. i do imagine once all the opponents are wiped out, which should be in roughly two weeks (wink wink), the game here will stagnate to the point that the big spenders will no longer get the thrill from the game they once did, and another game will come along that piques their attention and pocketbook. or maybe they'll sit and deploy deflectors and nanomissiles all day long like dings. or maybe some other big spender will come in and turn the tables. all i know is it won't be me. at least not until they offer SPARKLY ZONES! then i'm buying a buttload.
  10. The problem with cubes

    throwing my two cents in... as i've already thrown a few hundred dollars in the game and have since stopped spending altogether... i have no problem at all with cubes. it's a fairly well built out system they've developed, and i'd hate to throw the baby out with the bathwater. i wouldn't mind there being a huge store of lots of things to buy, not just weapons. heck, amplifiers for current weapons (longer distance, power multiplier) would be welcome, as well as numerous other upgrades. how about adding additional bases beyond 22? 100 cubes gets you another one. zone protection? 100 cubes gets you 24 hours where no one can attack. there's all sorts of things people would pay for that would not compromise the ability of a new player, or a free player, from being able to "win" a battle. my only knock on cubing is that with refreshes you remove strategy from the game. that sounds like exactly what happened in the above scenario. where's the fun in that? when you simply can not defend no matter how smart or skilled you may be in game strategy. none of it matters. i love cubes. but i hate being able to win ANY battle simply by spending more money than the other guy. there has to be an equalizer. i'm not spending any more money until there is.
  11. So hows it goin?

    i'm all for using cubes for weapons and upgrades - heck, if i could use cubes to make little sparkly zones i'd probably do it. but refreshes... that puts the power in the hands of the rich just a little too much... and actually decreases the level of fun for the "free" players. and honestly, there is no such thing as a "free" player. some players may not buy cubes, but so long as they're playing they increase the value of qonqr itself in both gameplay as well as potential acquisition, where the value of the game is directly tied to the numbers of players playing. cubers just help pay the immediate bills. without the "free" players, there wouldn't be a game to play.
  12. Qonqr - Space

    The poor mapping database that was initially used has created some crazy disparity in zone distribution... not to mention overlapping zones at times. I would mind seeing a zip code based distribution, or something more regimented. Big problem with that though, is what happens to the current map? So I'm guessing we're stuck with it and all it's shortcomings. As far as the app rapidly gaining users like Clash of Clans or something along those lines... those games can be games within themselves, with lots of fun progress before the real battling begins. Not so with Qonqr... you have the misfortune to be a populated area loaded with towers and cubers... and there is no game for you to play. That and most of the gamers I've recruited have found Qonqr to be exceedingly tedious. Maybe 1 out of 10 have stuck with the game and become addicted to the gameplay. It's certainly not a game that appeals to the masses.
  13. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    Dings crushes on everybody. He's kind of slutty that way...
  14. Why is your faction better?

    I've been a member of all three... and as I've mentioned in other posts, every faction has it's share of great players and it's share of jerks. Varies per region, it seems. The mythology is kind of irrelevant, there's very few players who subscribe to the lore past the initial faction selection, which really favors Faceless from the whole "I'm a hacker!" mentality. My favorite faction strategically has been Legion. By far the best strategy guides. Except those are now irrelevant, since strategy went out the window when multiscoping and pay-to-win became overwhelmingly prevalent. No strategy in the world can defend against those combined. If you don't want any challenge whatsoever... well, Faceless is the way to go. Not sure where Swarm fits in... even when I was Swarm I never really understood their strategy or direction. They're just kind of there... at least until Faceless turns them all purple and they look around and go, "Hey! What just happened..?"
  15. Any options besides qommnd?

    And I really like it... makes it fun for both sides. I've gotten surprise attacks that last more than 10 minutes, and I've gotten surprised myself. That's one of the reasons I enjoyed playing the game in the first place. So I've actually begun playing more just because I can capture a large zone again. Wheeee... FUN! It's become a novel concept for Legion in these parts as of late...