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  1. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    Legion in Florida suffer from RedRageĀ©...
  2. Anonymous is Legion

    Truth is, all three have elements of Anon. From the most obvious; the facless because duh hackers. 'Legion' is a term often used by Anon ( e.g we are legion [etc]). Swarm, as in a 'hive mind', yet another reference to Anon. Never mind the fact that all three use the plasma cannon...which looks very familiar..similar to the pic from AnonS old DDOS tool 'LOIC'
  3. also they've mentioned streaming an xbox one game to your phone
  4. you will now have the potential of running the same App across the phone, desktop, tablet and xbox one
  5. surface pros dont have gps.... however there is this http://www.surfaceforums.net/threads/add-gps-to-surface-pro-or-surface-pro-2.8139/
  6. In memory of Mr. Bizzy

    Count me in as well
  7. ALS Donation Finalized

    Thats what I love about our family here at Qonqr. When it truly counts we make good things happen.
  8. That fan vid i mentioned...really nice
  9. I know this forum is meant for written works and such...but one day I was bored and made a video of CEL DDOS'ing Legion servers; obviously it didn't really happen hence why I am posting it here. The scrolling texts and 'DDOSing' part of the vid were made in batch programming set to a loop and I also coded a menu (that simulates the launching of the attack) in batch (though it is VERY difficult to see and read the actual texts...what I get for using freeware video capture on my tablet). The rest of the footage is from a fan video someone made (with some minor adjustments/effects) of a song titled "Virus" by Del on the Deltron3030 album and the song is Firestarter by The Prodigy. Enjoy http://youtu.be/zs_-ccX3SKY?list=UUzyqnVHsI5Q4URoggZ-VisA
  10. What would Prometheus Say

    or 'Hello World' ...not a joke ..at all but most programmers will understand where this comes from
  11. What would Prometheus Say

    If he told jokes he'd say 'hackers go through the backdoor'.....giggity
  12. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

  13. The ALS challenge list *post future vids here* :)

    Well done grey_fox