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  1. Qredits

    21 bases that your faction owns. Bases in enemy territory earn the same amount of qredits but in double the time.
  2. Qredits

    Keep deploying in order to level up and at every 5th level u get another base to create. You have to physically b in the zone/be closest to the one u want to create a base in in order to do so. At level 100 you can have 21 bases. They are ideally in zones u or your allies own. With 21 bases I get 210qredits/10min
  3. Sleep QONQRing

    I'd have to jog for miles to get to the nearest zone other than my home one. Like no less than 5. Driving there sounds better haha
  4. Hi Ho Silver

    Accidental double post sorry (don't know how to delete from iPod if possible)
  5. Hi Ho Silver

    I like his profile pic haha
  6. The "multi"-state paradox

    . I disagree w the banning of wifi only devices because if they were banned I couldn't play nor my local ally. ik more would b affected and if anything the devs could/would lose income or at least some players
  7. Hi

    Welcome to the game! Swarm is the way to go can u wire me in game please
  8. Why is your faction better?

    money is green green means go and people should go Green (and save the planet we live on). Swarm people are great.
  9. Atlantis

    Gives rural people something to do. I can actually attack using local attack formations
  10. Android update?

    There's a beta version of the app. Email support and they will help u get on it
  11. Scope Datalink Interrupted message..?

    You're welcome Raesene
  12. iOS Qonqr update

    The update that is similar to the updated WP version (zone list, attach zone to message, location accuracy, etc.) just came out. Just thought I'd let everyone know
  13. Scope Datalink Interrupted message..?

    A fancy way to say unknown error. iOS dev thought it was cooler to put it like that
  14. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    I like the idea of resetting it monthly or letting it be
  15. iOS uploading profile pic

    I tried to change my profile pic today and I can't. I go to select my pic and then it won't let me click on it and when I return to the game it says scope datalink interrupted (have to reopen the app).