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  1. Phoenix Legion Banner

    Still tinkering with it a bit, but thought I would share.
  2. Phoenix Legion Banner

    Appreciate the compliments.
  3. This isn't an 'end game' kind of question, but more of I'm curious how you think question. I'm one of the few active swam members in my area, surrounded by faceless and a few legion. Since I have started playing 2 swarm have given up and switched to faceless. I'm not saying this is wrong, but it is a bummer. I've also got several wires telling me I should switch and quit wasting my time. I just don't get why. Okay, yes everyone wants to win, but if there is no one to battle with then honestly what would be the point of playing the game? The faceless in my area seem organized, to communicate and work as a team and I applaud them for it, but I would think they would want the same for their opponents so that Qonqr remains a fun challenge not something that soon becomes a what's the point of checking type game. So do most of you like the challenge this game has to offer or is it really all about the easy I'm epic and rule it all mentality?
  4. True statement. I admit your offer to join you guys was tempting when you made it, but just like in life...being handed something for free doesn't neccesarily make you value it. I like playing against you guys because you are communicative and driven. I feel I've learned how to play the game better and am working towards a community of swam members that are also good with teamwork. To me that is what the game is about...not who is winning, but how you play and enjoy it...just like anything else.
  5. @leigh Honestly, no idea. There are a few swarm trying to work together and there are a couple other in the area that have ignored communication attempts which is fine. @Gatsbee Again I have nothing but admiration...and admittedly some frustration lol...for the faceless in Phoenix. I don't know how active the Legion are, but I know it has been a challenge to get a zone, try and keep it while stealing another. I enjoy it. I also do see your big picture, but your range is 400 miles....so if you get everyone within that range to join faceless or give up what then? Granted this was really a hypothetical question and wasn't meant to spark any faction jabbing. Also, using you're Nintendo/Sony analogy I have to think that having the competitor there is good. It drives innovation and the will to succeed which in the end is better for all.
  6. Again, I'm not against teamwork and I appreciate the fact people use it in this game even if its another faction. I'm just saying what is the point of playing if it all comes down to just one faction in an area. I'd like to think the local faceless appreciate at least some people not switching or what would be the point of playing.
  7. For the Swarm! - Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Yeah...a lot of faceless in phx, but it didn't seem much fun to join them. Let the green spread!