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  1. Swarming in Clearwater, FL

    Welcome pueriex.....clean up Clearwater, that's my home town some years ago!
  2. Hello from Shanghai China

    Welcome to the SWARM! I know no Chinese, sorry....my iPhone has a translator thought that works well.....
  3. Have no Fear, I, Kinetic, is here! *Swarmer*

    Welcome to the SWARM Kinetic, good luck out there, it's brutal here in Mpls.
  4. New Swarm in Minneapolis area

    Thanks Sola, I may have 2 more new members joining us in the Swarm. I have talked them into their alliance to the Swarm.
  5. Being Effective as a New Player

    Sola, Awesome advice, I was just wondering if what I was doing would be or is effective, you reaffirmed I am of an asset to the Swarm, even at my level. I pledge to the Swarm and we will be victorious.
  6. New Swarm in Minneapolis area

    Thanks SuperT, I see the SWARM has it's work cut out here, I'm in the midst of recruiting 2 more of the finest soldiers you've ever met, both have confirmed they will follow me into the SWARM.
  7. I Pledge to uphold the SWARM and all it stands for, we will never relinquish the QONQR Technology.

  8. New Swarm in Minneapolis area

    Hi all, I'm the newest Swarm member in the Minneapolis area, looks like I have several "faceless" near me.....BEWARE, the Swarm will Dominate!