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    Flower: Nanotechnology, On Call Operative for Nagumo Industries; Social Engineering Department & Creating the 21st Century Rennissance, Being a Loyal SWARM Member and spreading the truth inherent in Kimyo's teachings.

    Spare Time: And well learning to sew, walking, cooking 'paleo-style', technology, gadgets and gizmos and my cat :P, I am also a big fan of the TWiT.TV network on my Roku. It's like 24hr tech banter. I can't get enough tech talk.

    Oh and I like this 'social something or other game' about dominating the world or something with little pretend robots. It's so much more meaningful than getting a free whopper at Burger King with other social check-in games. I don't even eat stuff at Burger King... haha Can I be Mayor for the SWARM?
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  1. NYC faceless announcement

    Sarai, et all... I'm going to miss you all. I totally understand moving on. It's tough to set aside the time. I still play here and there. Maybe one day if Faceless goes dark Manhattan can go Red and Green. Maybe an XMas Gift to the relentless and noble NYC Faceless Crew. You Guys and Gals sure kicked our arises Epic battles for sure. Fun Fun Fun. Sonar was one of my only recruits from my old job that still plays, he's truly a force. I loved every minute of it though. Friend me on Facebook if you like. Just send me a message from within Forums mail or wire me with your scope. We shared so much fun, it would be a shame to lose touch forever. Gobs and Gobs of Swarm Love To You All, Flower of Swarm a.k.a. Elizabeth You can also find me at http://www.iHeartInfoTech.com
  2. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    Maybe we can open up the entire country of North Korea for a New Years celebration. It's not like the locals have much in the way of internet access anyhow.
  3. I would like to have the ability to fire upon The Democratic (Cough-Cough) People's Republic of Korea and my (tongue-in-cheek) favorite Supreme Ruler and Dictator: Kim Jong-un. I vote that the first Atlantis of 2015 to be ceremoniously centered on The Capitol City of North Korea: Pyongyang. Since I can think of no other was I can strike Pyongyang directly, making it the site of Atlantis would provide a way for all QONQR Factions to "Interview" that wacko for ourselves. I'm sure we can disrupt some of the operations of Unit 121 in Solidarity. Anyone else second the notion?
  4. Also, I changed my profile website URL. So feel free to add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook...eth.morrissey01 Whoever is cool, will be cool enough to show interest in such an undertaking. I mean, it is a game after all. All money aside. Whoever is rich enough to buy cubes can also supply the ICE and maybe some steaks. I personally have alot of camping gear. Enough to sleep 7 as far as shelter goes. I think I even have a 4 person family cabin tent if it's not all moth eaten that could be used as a communal storage. I have backpacking gear as well at Coleman stoves and stuff for car camping. We could also look into Folk Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, or State Fairs that have camping as part of the event. Feel free to discuss here or in the GroupMe chat, if your so inclined.
  5. Anyone interested in getting a QONQR inclusive BBQ or Camping Weekend get together, join the following GroupMe chat : https://groupme.com/.../8871310/DPW0F4 Maybe we can do a few. Maybe Delaware Water Gap, Catskills, Adirondacks, Myrtle Beach, etc...
  6. Join me on Clash of Clans in the Clan: Spartan Peeziel

  7. Join me on Clash of Clans in the Clan: Spartan Peeziel

  8. Milestones

    Made Master Sergeant yesterday .
  9. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    And in case you get a wire message on your birthday... ***** ******** = Happy Birthday
  10. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Happy Birthday
  11. 4 decent players up for grabs!

    Swarm Love, Cupcakes, and the edict to Protect the QONQR AI! Need I say more? But honestly your choice should be based on the following: http://qonqr.com/factions.html
  12. New Faction Switching Rules

    Rank indeed has no bearing on capability. It is just an element of the game. But game elements are designed for a purpose. I think it's a built in measure to keep the factions from disappearing entirely in an area. I also feel that the Mercenary class needs a waiting period to be reestablished.
  13. New Faction Switching Rules

    I think that came across wrong. I just think staying loyal to a Faction should have some recognition that stands out. I plan to stay loyal to Swarm even if I'm the last and only one standing in my area. Times change and people shift, but I think giving ppl the ability jump ship to ride on the tails of the most powerful faction is bad for the game. There has to be something in place to make someone want to stay with their original Faction. Rank is obviously important or this thread would not even be an issue.
  14. New Faction Switching Rules

    After thinking this over again I've got say that whatever it be. Rank, Clout, Etc., anyone who defects after lvl 100 should forever have some penalty that cannot be erased by anything. There has to be a fast and easy way to tell the difference from a top Lvl Master Sergeant that has never defected vs a Master Sergeant that has a post Lvl 100 defection. You should not have to dig down into the Ranks section of their profile to find this out looking for a -20 (and if this disappears over time it's just not fair to the people that stick it out for their faction). There has to be something that sets a tried and tru faction member apart from someone that has defected. Without the penalty there's no point to being loyal. Thoughts?