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  1. Faceless BBQ in Connecticut May 25

    I'm interested.
  2. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    Wish I could install it, keep getting: the Microsoft account services is unavailable right now. Can't wait to search for zone by name. Edit: Right after I made this post it worked. <face palm.> works great! Thanks silver.
  3. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    To help you out EagleEye412, i had the same issue when trying to view the portal in "desktop mode." If you go to your settings and change it to "mobile" it seems to work better. I believe its the way the web page is written. If that does not help, Please start a new thread in the "player helping player" forum.
  4. There is still a way to earn free cubes

    As someone who actually likes Microsoft (me) i have been using this for ALONG time. As a matter of fact i have been using this to get free xbox live member ships and have even purchased full games on xbox with these points. In short you simply log into your Microsoft account, enable this feature and rack up points by doing something as simple as using bing seach 25 times in 1 day. This is not a hoax or a cheat. Like Silver said its like getting a gift card from microsoft and using that to buy cubes.
  5. Why not...?

    When I started playing many moons ago my 2 friends approached me and said, "hey we're playing this cool game called qonqr and I'm on the green team and he is on the red team. You have to play the purple team." My friends made a good choice for me, I enjoy faceless.
  6. Your Highest Qredit Count

    I'm just going to say i try to always keep a min of 200K on hand. Highest though? .....maybe more than 1 mill.
  7. AIQ Gear: Now Open

    Really want a hoody, was there one that I did not see? Faceless all black hoody with small purple righting on it.
  8. All this info is on the portal site. portal.qonqr.com. Could a mod please un-pin this.
  9. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    please up me to 14,080,000
  10. Attention Qonqr Agents

    YA! YA!!! **LandQreuzer quoting a fun quote"
  11. Bot Booster and Seekers

    just kind of repeating leigh, seekers do benefit from the "support bots," They help fend off shockswave. Answer to the question below. They should.
  12. Glad to see your active on our groupme channel as well.
  13. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Maybe you can get this pinned and change the fist post to a poll, instead of an on going list you have to update. Eventually there will be an API and it will be on the web portal
  14. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    12.5 million for me. Can't wait for this feture to be released.