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  1. AIQ Gear: Now Open

    So many delicious references
  2. New to forums

    welcome to the swarm, always good to see new members (:
  3. Newbie in need of some help!

    Ah! Someone else had this problem a while back, try changing your clock on your phone/device from 24h to 12h or vice versa
  4. Help Wanted!! [swarm olny]

    Legion... Swarm the area... HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  5. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    I would say remember C&C4 but I'm really not sure that I want to
  6. XP Cap makes no sense

    Humbeck, it's a daily thing, the more attacks you make in a day the less XP you gain from them. There reset time is midnight in one of the time zones, not sure which
  7. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    Wait, which unit was the wolverine, I played tiberian sun and 3 and don't recognise that unit
  8. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    It'll work wherever you are, anywhere in the world
  9. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    *ehem* is it just me that wishes the scrin didn't exist? *ehem*
  10. April Fools

    Pretend you're releasing a new ridiculous product, in the style of assassin's creed kinect or google mail sign language thing they did
  11. Testimonials Needed for QONQR.COM

    If you think mobile games can't have the depth of major AAA titles then you're wrong, 5 months in and I still don't know half there is to know about QONQR. That doesn't mean it's hard, the game is super simple to learn and very user friendly. Top that off with a great community and you have a must play. P.s. The best bit of all, it doesn't cost a penny
  12. Strife from the Swarm

    Welcome to the swarm (:
  13. Really late newb announcement. :D

    Welcome to the swarm
  14. Rainy rainy England

    Wow, I live literally 5 minutes from Boroughbridge o:
  15. Rainy rainy England

    Welcome to the UK swarm Buzzard, maybe I'll see you around?
  16. hey im new

    D: I can't watch more of these videos because they're region restricted D:
  17. LEGION fan art

    Technically, he's the combined consensus of a large collection of AIs
  18. Canopy Case

    Nahh, he was clearly about to strike the killing blow to the faceless, not being one of them
  19. New Swarm in MN

    I believe it's pronounced d00ds but the sentiment stands, welcome to the swarm (:
  20. I'm just sittin' here, base harvestin'

  21. Numbers stations

    When chatting with fellow community memebers, I came up with the Idea of Numbers stations being linked to qonqr used by qonqr. I've made this topic for spitballing Ideas about this, Have fun
  22. Numbers stations

    My favourite would be the Lincolnshire poacher, but purely because I know where it is
  23. Numbers stations

    Yaaay, buzz tones!
  24. The Major Motion Picture: QONQR

    Is he the same guy that did Oblivion and SupCom? Also, Garry Schyman and Darren Korb (Bioshock and Bastion respectively) are also amazing composers