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  1. I now feel the need to express my undying(platonic) love for Vile.
  2. bases not producing qredits

    It seems to be wide spread. We are having issues in Michigan as well.
  3. The Integrity of the Swarm

    Yes, silver does have much better things to deal with than petty squables and accusations. That is the reason I choose not to bother the devs. I've never had an issue with any other player in the game like this. I've actually become very friendly with a lot of the players from both other factions in my area. Like I said, if the joke went too far I appologize, that's on me. It was in bad taste.
  4. The Integrity of the Swarm

    At this point I think that in order to keep things civil, I'd request that any of the Lansing are faceless stop in game messaging us. You may not have specifically called any one a cheater here, but there have been in game messages that have. One of our players flat out asked for the messages to stop and you ignored it. The expletive filled message from dashy to kamiblade was another good example of inappropriate behavior in game from your team. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand.
  5. The Integrity of the Swarm

    If the joke went to far then I do apologize. I have changed my pic back and asked that the rest of the team do so as well. At this point I hope that the devs will look at everyone of our accounts to prove that there is no cheating going on. Above all, this a game. I've always played with integrity and have asked anyone who joins MI swarm to do the same. If one person can take something so fun and make it not fun...I don't know what to say really. Kattak, we've had civil conversations in the past. I'm not really sure where the all the hate came from.
  6. The Integrity of the Swarm

    Thanks for the response kattak. That's about what we were looking for when we switched our pics. Thanks for playing along. Also, for the record, your accusations of multi scoping are growing tiresome. I don't feel that any of our ops should have to turn off in game messages so you'll stop bothering them.
  7. We see you Legion

    You mad bro?
  8. We see you Legion

  9. We see you Legion

  10. Take a number

    I don't think my scope has been overheated all day. Oh well, I guess I should be working anyway.
  11. McPwn here.

    Whether you're a Christian or not, it's hard to deny the beauty of that passage.