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  1. Windows 8 Command Center

    Because i launched a massive and brutal attack on another country, I need global view like Command Center gave us in th past ! Where can i found such soft ?
  2. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    @Jadem : It's a shame that Samsung do not push those ATIV phone because they are really great ! My wife is really in love with her ATIV S. Now we miss an 4G model in France from Samsung.
  3. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    As a strong Windows Phone Fan, I want to tell you that I have all application that I need on my Lumia 920. I have this phone since almost two years when the Army gave it to me as all Officer in my unit. Since then my wife have a Samsung ATIV S ans she do not want to go back to IPhone anyway. I must admit that in France WP is doing better than in the US, we have here 12% market share. HTC will announce the HTC One W8 Windows Phone n two weeks at NYC witch is the same than the M8 except the Windows buttons so you have many choices and many different prices between Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, HTC and in a short time LG, Sony and Blue at least in the US so my advice is you may buy a cheap Windows Phone off contract to try it. In case of you do not like WP you can buy another phone in contract.
  4. Switching Atlantis at the End

    It's only justice !
  5. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    I would love to have a transparent live tile as I am also on WP8.1 preview.
  6. New to the Legion in Orléans

    Glad to see a new comer for the Legion at Orléans ! Staff Sergeant Saskia who is in charge of this sector will be glad to coach you. Contact by wire Saskia and SillyCrez, and welcome to the Legion.
  7. Same as SillyCrez, too much cheating software on Android.
  8. Save the Nanobots!

    I think this new portal is a good addition for us, especially if we can find here weekly or monthly refreshed country statistics with a graphic to see last 12 month performances... But this is only one idea, many more can be added.
  9. Czech Republic legion

    Hello Porek, as I already do in the past for other European Legion, I wil provide help and advice to you. Stay tuned as I will send you a private mail on this forum. Don't give up !
  10. For Legion in Paris

    It is very usefull to read this post almost four month after the first word publied. Our goal was simple since almost all of our country was purple at the end of february except Lyon and Toulouse. Marseille was the first to be liberated, then Nantes, Paris, Caen, Arras, Lille, Mons de Marsan and all major cities of France are now free from this alien AI and those fool who try to collaborate with or control it. (QONQR AI is very similar to the master ring in the Tolkien lore, because nobody except the dark lord can control it, it is totaly malefic, so the only alternative for the free people is to destroy it. Do you understand Sam (Swarm) ? I must destroy it !) The job for us is an endless one, it is why unity is so important.
  11. New player in Belgium

    Welcome in the Legion Flanker ! I'm in charge of the French Legion and if you are not too far from the french border, The french Legion is able to help you as we have several unit at Lille, Arras and Dunkerque and soon Thionville. I'm sure that Flaap will give you some mission during your trip in hollande as he is in charge of the legion in this country.
  12. New French Legionnaire in Ohio

    Welcome aboard to the Legion. En charge de la légion française, je suis ravi de voir nos légionnaires s'exporter en détachement auprès d'autres Légions mondiales. Nous avons nous mêmes des détachés au Québec et au pays bas et nous aidons les Légions Allemandes et Italiennes pour les régions limitrophes au territoire national. N'hésites pas à nous contacter.
  13. Is QONQR being scammed?

    Hi, I am in France, in reunion Island just near Madagascar and I'm holding two personal credit card, BUT, when I am pushasing some stuff on the net or on the Windows Store, I'm using PayPal because it is more secure than directly give all the credit card number
  14. Windows 8 Command Center

    Yes the map is more colored and show more natural détails like forest, but a lot of cities names are write in double on the new map.
  15. Gian88 from Italy

    Hi and welcome aboard Gian88 ! Are you in the unit of Niamath ? This is the Italian Legion player who try to build a strong and coordonate unit in Italy nation wide.