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  1. Help Wanted!! [swarm olny]

    I'll send a few missiles his way.
  2. stealth question

    If you are launching defense and he only has defense then you won't see or hit anything. That includes if you're using seekers and he has no seekers or offensive bots
  3. iPhone 5 - AVOID 5/16 UPDATE

    Only problem I see with notifications is that I can't get the badge to go away. It only went away once I full closed and reopened the app
  4. 4/24 Server Update

    I'm really looking forward to having a public API. It might prompt me to learn some .net
  5. Create Base not working

    Post a screenshot of your bases tab when you're in the zone in question. EDIT: You might want to blank out the name of the zone though I you don't want to gce away your location
  6. Bases

    Read the second post.
  7. I lost money upgrading my scope to 100%

    They probably only upgraded the things that would benefit his attack while a 100% scope has a lot of upgrades that don't effect defense or attack.
  8. <Greeting>

    Welcome to Qonqr!
  9. How do I get more bases?

    You need to travel to a zone that you haven't already built a base in. You can't built more than one base per zone and you need to actually be at the zone to put a base there.
  10. Windows 8 Command Center

    I think it would be cool if there were a way to see our own rank in the world leader board even if we aren't in the top 50