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  1. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    Thanks, and then you probably understand that your initial reaction to me crying is wrong. consider this, a forum mod moved comments said in that thread to this one after AwSheet and Mark showed up trying to change the subject. Which is, game balance and cubes affecting the game balance. Also that the game needs more depth to overcome smother tactics, which both drags down the game, be it spreading far and wide like Legion has in Chicago or stacking really high towers on every zone like Seattle. I stand by everything I said. If Chicago Faceless can't see the above point I'm making, that's not my problem.
  2. Haters gonna Hate

    Since you asked. Best story we have in Chicago involves this one faceless guy, who's gone from the game. I didn't have much to do with it except sending missiles, but **** its a good story. So this player is having a huge row with Rocco and his family. He's got some buddies and they just hate each other. But the Faceless guy and his allies aren't getting much traction (this was before cubes and exchange rates), but the guy is annoying his allies too, bossing them around I guesses, I'm not really sure. So one day Rocco and family burn down a few of his key zones. They made a family mini-vacation out of it. The guy gets mad, and rage-switches to Swarm to find new allies and plot his revenge. So in a great move of jutisu, Rocco and family switched to Swarm so the guy couldn't get revenge. At 60 days,the guy switches to Faceless, so Rocco and company switch to Faceless. The guy throws a fit. Then around the 60 day mark for Rocco and family, they talk to me about coming back to Legion and we plot a coming out party for them. Target 4 of his zones, they all had 1-2 million each and with them dropping amps and abs thanks to 120 days of stocking up qcreds. We missiled them down in one epic day. WI Legion helped. It was brutal. Then the guy sort of disappeared from the game. I'm not sure why but I don't think he rage quit, I dunno. What I like best about the game however is playing it when I travel. Its great to meet new players and see how other areas play.
  3. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    You're so boring Mark.
  4. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Quoting for truth. Its my point, but less wordy. Thanks Butterball.
  5. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    There is a whole another thread talking about my juvenile character, feel free to contribute there. Maybe I wrote too much in the OP. And yes I am throwing my hands up because you've made some massive towers in a few hours. I'm not hurt by it. Those events AND LEGION'S ASSAULT ON ROYAL OAK/FERNDALE MI are what set me off. And only Chicago Faceless has show up to say I'm a whiner. You are #3 now. You guys are taking it more personal than me. I'm passionate about the game, because I like it, I made that clear in my OP. I'm here for a discussion on cubing in the game and other game mechanics that allow one faction to smother a zone. Here's what's going to happen in Chicago Silvertorch: We're going to fight you tooth an nail. You will have no zone safe until its over a million. Maybe we will stall you, maybe we wont. But in the end all the little towers that are accessible to all players in the game who visit or live here, will be gone. And that's not fun for anybody. I looked at Seattle, I looked at Manhattan. I've watched Manhattan for a while. I remember when it was full of Swarm towers, now its full of Faceless towers. Legion players I know there in New Jersey and our own that have visited, newbies who aren't Faceless find it insurmountable and they give up. And, I can tell you from experience Silvertorch, Its **** boring for the winning team. Which is what I'm trying to say. When/if Faceless runs the map in Chicago you're going to find out how boring that is. But the rate you're building is going to leave huge towers and Chicago will look like Manhattan. I don't care, in real life, if one zone is one color or another. I do care that cubes and towers and smother tactics (because that's how the game mechanics demand we play). You've got three very frustrated players on your faction in Chicago right now, they're hurt (one admitted that some unkind words from a Chicago Legion player, not me, set him off) they're frustrated, and they're mad. That's not fun, we should all be laughing about this game, not shouting insults, taunts and trolling each other. So I lent my mind to what I think can make the game more fun for spenders and free players, for experienced players and newbies. Again, I'm not mad at you making massive towers, its just that I predict Chicago turning into huge tower **** like every other city in America and I don't think that's fun for all of us playing the game. If the game is going to turn into a series of bitter conflicts, trolling and mean spirited reprisals, I will quit. You all can enjoy drinking on your own bitterness and arrogance. I could care less what you say about me. If you think that's juvenile, that's your view and your problem. I like this last idea, very interesting. And thanks for responding to my points, civially. So far you and Concord55 have shown reasonableness and honor.
  6. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    I wanted to get to this point. I wrote the essay because I saw a way the game is evolving and I don't want it to turn into a spending war. For all players. You, me, everybody. You're the one taking it personal against me because some other Legion player trolled you. That doesn't mean the devs should profit, they should. No, it means the game should be fair where skill and teamwork win the day, not spending to deploy 400k (that includes 40k amps, 40k strengthen, 25k HL, and 10k in abs and 85k in def) in 12 hours. You guys have a few zones where we watched that happen. I also watched a guy put down 100k in amps and abs in Royal Oak in less than 5 minutes. I then watched that 100k get wiped out in 10 minutes, while under a heavy missile barrage from 6 different states and Ontario. If that's what the game is turning into at the top tear, spend to win, spend to compete, that's what I'm not a part of. Anyway that's my opinion, you're free to disagree, agree, or say whatever. If you can't understand that point, that's not my problem. Its you guys who are taking this personal, not me. I could careless if you take all my zones, I've only spent $10 on this game so far. You're just wasting your time and money, not mine. And you know what? I'm gonna make you all work for it. If someone is going to be this worked up over a FREE MOBILE PHONE GAME, they need to take a break. Think about much of a loser move that is to get so freaked out. Mark tells me GhostFace stayed up for two days to work Gold Coast. Wow. I'm honored he thinks a zone I don't have a base in is such a big deal. I dont' even have that much of my own bots there. You know what I did? I went to see my kid at karate, we then played some games on the Wii with him, then I hung out with some buddies. The next day, when GF had the zone in lockdown and started taunting me I was sledding with my kid then we watched some movies at home, then the Superbowl. I think I had a better time ignoring QONQR than playing it. GhostFaceFF likes to troll me and I'm just tired of his trolling, so I turned off my IGM. I find it amusing that you all decided to show up on the forums after I told Mark in a IGM that I was turning it off. Priceless. Qonqr on brother.
  7. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    Um, "I" made it personal to you? Do send me the Wires where "I" was giving you **** and making it personal. I'm sorry some Legion player gave you a hard time, If you had told me, and my wire was open the whole time, I would have said something about it and told them to knock it off. I don't put up with that **** amongst my own. They know that, and if they're doing it they aren't talking about it to me because I've made it very clear that I don't believe Chicago Legion isn't about that. As to your point about taking Chicago alone. I never said I did. That's a fiction Faceless likes to pass around. I've always said that we, Chicago Legion all players, took Chicago. I am a member of it, that's all. You seem to misunderstand the game, there is no way to run this game alone except if you are the only player in a rural area. You have to have buddies to get anywhere. Silver calls it a "geosocial" game its meant for players to team up and work together. Chicago Faceless has just learned what everybody else already knew. There's no way to take Chicago (or Rockford for that matter) alone. If that was the game I'd not bother playing. Seriously, I'm sorry you're so **** off. If someone's said personal stuff to you, tell me and I'll take it to them in the group. I'm serious. I don't put up with that stuff. My posts here and elsewhere should make that very clear.
  8. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    Dude that's straight up wrong. You're history is off. Here's the truth. Before I came into this game when Rocco and Blue, plus their kids deCocco and Hersey, had running the map as Legion and were in a grudge match with Tonyguid of Faceless. It was getting nasty and Tonyguid was annoying them about it. So they, and this was before cubes, burned down some of Tony's bases and switched to Swarm to avoid retribution because that would get under Tony's skin. It worked. Rocco and Tony know of each other professionally. I came into the game while they were Swarm, Tony switched to Swarm too to deprive them of further counter attack and the region started turning green. Then the 60 day limit came up, Tony went back to Faceless, and Rocco and Bleu flipped purple too, just to further annoy Tony. I came along during the ending period of the Swarm up surge. I was originally Swarm, but before level 10 I was bored building bases for XP. So I switched to Legion to have something to attack. Because of that I had to ask Silver to remove the penalty for switching because of the new sub 100 level switching rule put in place recently. That's the only reason I have the rank I possess. I was of a small handful of Legion players, but didn't know them in the area when Rocco and family switched to Faceless and, at the same time, a new horde of Faceless players appeared and they ran the map. You, RebelFalcon didn't show up in the city of Chicago once to my knowledge. So me and one other Legion, Kozlov, dug our heels in and started grinding away at all the zones we lost to Faceless. Swarm was devastated by the purple tide and has never recovered. They're still the 3rd faction in Illinois. Since I couldn't find new Legion players, I started working with Swarm and flipped three of them to Legion. And then I forged a NAP with Rocco and family and we went to work turning the city of Chicago purple. We started in the north and worked our way south. We had group chat and coordinated well and beat the pants off the non-organized Faceless in Chicago. Then Rocco and I started talking about their switch back to Legion, where they wanted to be and what we were going to do to Tony as a "gift". And we burned Tony down. He had 4 zones around 2 million each and we destroyed all of them in two days. I sent him a "game well played IGM" He quit not long after that, I have no idea why. Just us and the Badgers in Wisconsin smacked him down. Since then Blue Demon and Rocco and Bleu have reigned supreme in their areas and we have fun working together. Do you really think Rocco an Bleu took all of Chicago alone Rebel? No, they don't have that kind of range. It was me, Kozlov, WithoutClass, rblol, and Biggslol. We established Legion in the city limits of Chicago. And not all of it. We were unable to smash Swarm on the south side. You aren't down in the city, you aren't looking at these zones, you don't know who all the players are and are making presumptions because you've had tussles with them before and they've eaten you a time or two. And you've eaten them a time or two. But that's the basic history of Legion in Chicago, in truth. I was there and a part of it. I never said I was all of it. When you talk about Rocco and Bleu being a power in Illinois, you're right Rebel, but in their area of Chicagoland, I'm not in that area. There are other Legion players who help them, here in the city and abroad. I've always used "we" and "us" language when talking about Chicago Legion. This is the second time you said that, I ignored it the first time because I thought it was obvious when I was talking about Chicago Legion, Rocco and Bleu are part of it, so why comment on it? I have nothing but respect for Rocco and Bleu, in Legion terms if we had royalty in Illinois, they would be it. but I was the one that introduced them to GroupMe and they are still members of the group I started but I claim no ownership of. GroupMe has changed the game, to the point that Silver has blogged about it. You think I'm some arrogant guy making claims that I'm lord of Chicago alone, that's never been the case. That you and some others projecting your own goals on me. I'm flattered that Chicago Faceless thinks so much of me that I'm a template and a target. That means I've done some things right. I don't interact with you much, we aren't in the same local areas, I didn't even know anything about you except for things Rocco and F3n have said.
  9. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    Concord! Good to talk to you. Its the growth of some of the players. There's a few zones that jumped up 300, 400k per player in a 12 hour period. And with expensive deployments at that, while under attack. That's buying a zone. AwSheet and Mark don't get that. I'm OK with buying cubes and using them. To upgrade your scope? Go for it. We've been watching AngryDragon do it fast as he's been leveling up but not harvesting much. I just question allowing for unlimited cubes to "win" a zone. Its not skilled game play, its just out spending the other guy. Anybody can do that. And I question how the game mechanics that make this a viable strategy. That's where I critiqued Chicago Legion's dominance. Our smothering of the zones drove you all to the tactic you're using now. And that is a sign that the game isn't balanced. You, and the rest of Chicago Faceless, need to read my post and stop taking it personally. You think I'm griping about kicking our ****? No. If you want to interoperate it that way, I can't stop you. I think its ignorant, but everybody has a right to that. So what if you or AwSheet and most of your group isn't cubing but just beating us out of sheer numbers (which is exactly how the game is designed, Silver has a blog post about it somewhere, check it out). It doesn't change my point that cubes can be used to purchase zones and build impossible towers that no newbie or free player can touch. I object to that and that's the only point in my long post. And if you look at all the responses up until AwSheet showed up (which is now in this thread) and tried to change the subject to "Chicago Clyde is a whiny little girl" the other people commenting understand my point. some agree, some don't but they've been constructive. Only AwSheet and Mark felt they had to come in and call me a whiner. Nobody else did, and I even named the zones I fought in and lost in. Everybody can see you all beat the snot out of us in those zones, it doesn't need to be said. I don't care what AwSheet says really. He's got the hate and rage on because we beat him down before, he had to switch to Faceless to get any traction in Chicago. He's desperate for acknowledgement for what he's doing and if I critique the way this game is played he (and Mark) get worked up about it. Everyone else in the other thread have been cool, calm and collected and not named names. Including myself. That's a reference to the harassment GhostFace has sent me on the Wire that prompted me to turn it off because the guy isn't worth my time. And Mark too demanding that I put a congratulatory post on the forums to GhostFace for taking Gold Coast. Which he didn't do alone, but he's been taking credit for it to me. They also only wire me when they are on the upswing of things. When they're losing, they are quite as church mice. Its also a reference to how annoyed they are that I made a long post about game balance which was inspired by some Faceless players and some Legion players. On Gold Coast I saw you fighting for it. You fought well. And the truth is I've been seeing you guys come back from the dead, and that's great, there's a challenge for me now and I'm a bit rusty. Because I was bored. You see, they're winning right now and being very poor sports about it. They haven't read my post on the forums, their comments prove that. They're very thin skinned. They use bully language, taunts and threats to us, but call us bullies. I never threw a taunt or threat at them, I've never kicked them when they're down. I have, actually, congratulated Swarm and Faceless for games well played. I helped tear down Ferndale and Royal Oak while you guys were tearing down some Chicago zone, I wasn't paying attention really. I congratulated Dr.Claw (Swarm, Royal Oak) on a hard fight. I did it publicly on the forums and IGM. We locally tore up a zone Kal had up on the North side, over a million. Kal asked to be able to build that zone, and I agreed. My guys really wanted it and almost revolted because I held them back. I warned Kal in advance the attack was coming and then we tore it down. I then even apologized because he seemed to take it personally. We did it again to KowNamedSpoon on the far south side, though I didn't telegraph the attack in advance. And he fought well, I sent him a wire thanking him for a well played game. I've a history of being gracious in victory, and they have a history of being tactless and taunting in victory. They call it smack talk, but that's a lie. Nobody but bullies talk smack when someone's gets beat. Childless bullies. Are there Legion members who do that? Yes. But I'm not one of them. But I get to receive it because Mark wants to follow me around like he's doing on the forums. He only posted his thoughts until after I turned IGM off and told him so in my last IGM this morning. Think how extraordinary it is that a forum mod had to move this discussion to another thread. I complemented Chicago Faceless, conceded that you all have been beating us with tight communication and deployments. But that's not enough for Mark and Sheet. They're attention starved demanding that I'm qq'ing or that anything I have to say is because I've lost a few fights. Which, in my OP, I predicted but chose not to name names. I never called any of you out by name, but your leader, Mark, has taken to calling me "Clydette" in a post above. And to you AwSheet, you're turning into the bully you accuse me of being, though I never treated you such. I liked your drive and moxie. I had respect for you, I don't now. You had to change to the winning faction, who was beginning to win before you flipped. Wow that's sad. We saw you helping BOBS out and trying to hold zones Faceless won with Swarm bots, but when Faceless shows up you quit fighting on that zone. We know what kind of a player you are. Your bravado is meaningless to us.
  10. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    I would, yes.
  11. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    Its amazing how sensitive Chicago Faceless is about their successes thus far. Here comes Mark and Sheet trying to change the subject. Mark even told me I had to send a complement post on the forums to GhostFace for taking one zone. Yeah really, he did that. This isn't about Chicago Faceless strong play right now, you are so obsessed with yourself. By all means, Mark, keep calling me a girl. You should get GhostFace to come on and call me *** here too. You are so desperate for attention. This isn't about you, nor is it about me getting beat a few times. Its not about your skill, or your crew, or my skill or my crew. Everybody gets that but you and Sheet and GhostFace.
  12. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    You guys really have some hate on. And you obviously didn't read my post, because I critique my faction's own play. And I talked about what I think is broken. But you come here looking to diss us when I'm encouraging a discussion. You got guys sending harassing and gloating IGMs to me others. You're all excited to beat up on a faction that's obviously understaffed as I've already plainly stated. If our ownership of Chicago for a year is bullying, then why was the area purple when we took it, and green before that? Were you all bullies then? How about Manhattan NYC? Its all Faceless now and million bot high zones, are they bullies? A few months ago that was deep Swarm territory. Where's the rage essay? Why dont' you go back and read my post and then everybody's responses instead of skipping to the end and guessing what's been said. You say we cubed, and some have, but not me. We know some of you have cubed. Its a demotivating factor in a game where a zone can be won through cubes spent by one or two players. Look how **** off you all are about it. Nobody of Legion I know in Chicago wants to stay if that's the way its going to be. We have lives and children. If Qonqr is going to turn into a pay-to-win or pay-to-compete game, we aren't going to bother. None of us want to play if the game becomes a war of financial attrition. Which won't be fun for you because all your successes in Chicago will be worthless at that point. And that's what I think is wrong with the game. Not that you all blasted a zone to nothing in a few hours and then put on a million bots by the end of the day. Chicago Legion doesn't care about that. I don't care about that. But I am concerned about the pay-2-win aspects. You're trying to change the subject by attacking my character. Everybody else has stayed on point. You need to chill Sheet, really. Put the hate away man. Zeik, since we're talking numbers. I've spent $10 total on this game since I created my account. And that was to take part in a missile party up North, 6 months ago. I've gotten a few more cubes from some little recruiting. That's it man. And its not 5 to 1 when we were fighting over along the canal. There were 4 of you and 6 of us, then. That's not a 5 to 1 ratio, its a 2 to 3 ratio. We had great epic battles down there and I enjoyed them. Thanks for the fun. You guys fought long and hard. I respect you and Zorin and Kow. I don't list GhostFaceFF because of the above harassment he feels he's got to put on me. But that's between him and me, I'm only bringing it up because that's the kind of company you're keeping right now. For the record Zeik, in our private group discussions we know you're not a cuber. When we battled you, we didn't cube. I like you, I enjoy your drive and you're a tough opponent. We also know that Sheet isn't a cube-***** either. Its the new faceless in town that's cubing. And that's fine, its legal in the game, but its also what's broken about it. Which is my point. To the rest of you, I've enjoyed reading your posts, all very thoughtful and though provoking. Let's continue the discussion about making improvements to Qonqr so everybody has fun playing the game.
  13. Haters gonna Hate

    But you are bragging, and started a thread to do just that.
  14. Chicago Area Off Topic Comments

    Rocco and Bleu are the backbone of Legion in Illinois. I've never once said that I was. That's some stuff you all built up in your own heads. I've always said "we" and "us" when talking to you guys. I have no problem speaking kindly of my fellow Legion players. Didn't I make a point of that in my OP? Oh yeah, I did.
  15. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    @zhris. I remember a time in Diablo2 when the ladders didn't have seasons. They implemented seasons after game release.