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  1. Christmas Video Contest

    No QONQRing on Christmas for me. Need the Yule award....
  2. Launch automation cheating?

    i got my best kill ratios there... Something like 30-40k per seeker hah
  3. Launch automation cheating?

    I reported one in New York that silver confirmed. Was a multi-scoper with automated launches. The way I caught it was by realizing no human wld be possibly this stupid. Launching shockwave 24/7 into seekers on 8 accounts? Hah cldnt get more obvious than that. Silver can check for timings between launch (see if they vary) and type of launch used. Might as well report it, just make sure to includes lots of specific details
  4. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    And only 1 zone lead lol NYC's become a tough place to be Swarm
  5. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    As of 10/02, 39,646,273 bots served. Swarm
  6. Buying Zones...

    There is a point though when cubage is no longer about balancing but about dominating/bullying your opponents until they ragequit. For various reasons, a bunch of NYC swarm have quit playing and Faceless is still doing massive cubage? What's up with that? Its one on nine odds, alright, except the nine have 3 heavy cubers...
  7. I can remain silent no longer...

    (1) Who were these two low level players? (2) Every action causes a reaction! Gotta love Newton (3) Could you please enumerate the lies? Alphabetical order preferred. (4) What's wrong with being a fool? I resent that!
  8. Bullies

    That makes more sense, cuz gmenman, your last post doesn't. Seeing that only I defended, as a distraction it failed (and even that only because i ran out of missiles). As for something going on in NJ, well, Kimyo points and i liberate. I'm her faithful attack dog I freely admit to not knowing what's going on hahaha
  9. Bullies

    i find gmenman's post particularly ironic since at the same time we were hitting buffalo, over 12 legion were attacking one of my few remaining zones in nyc. congrats going 12 v 1 and coming out on top!
  10. Nope, these are 10 simultaneously ACTIVE accounts. They launch bots in sequence. While the low-level ones do very little damage, it's impossible to clear because as soon as your clear 7, the other 3 are still launching.
  11. Thanks, I messaged Silver with some more details.
  12. Hello, Wasn't sure where to report this, but I have a strong suspicion of a Legion player who is multi-accounting with 10 accounts. Thankfully, he's tactically ignorant, but hard to clear bots when a guy is using 10 accounts. Evidence: All accounts repeatedly attack one zone Most attacks are of one type only All accounts have capitalized user names All but one have no picture Attacks seem to come sequentially between accounts All first appeared within a very close timeframe Could a QONQR dev look into this? The accounts are: NOK JABTH TROJAN SIT SUMME GREEDIS NAPTER HATA SENSAYA REVONE Thanks
  13. Help QONQR win a TV commercial!!!

    Hey silver, I tried the link but it's not working for me...
  14. Long live the Swarm!