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  1. Has Qonqr not lost its luster?

    Yeah the social part is the best part. And the worst.
  2. What would you call it?

    Depends what his name was.
  3. Has Qonqr not lost its luster?

    I have been losing interest in the game, but the changes are something to look forward to for me. Especially the new levels/upgrades. And Atlantis has made things more interesting but it should be announced in game for many of the players who don't browse the forums or twitter/Facebook.
  4. Atlantis: The Evolution

    Will the staff of QONQR sit Atlantis out? Our will even the staff not know where Atlantis is?
  5. XP confusion

    Anyway zone assault gives you the most XP for your bots, however deployments using more bots give more XP. You do the math.
  6. XP confusion

    What I know is the XP diminishes throughout the day and resets at a certain time. I think midnight UTC I'm not sure.
  7. Because location spoofing is so easy. If they figured out how to Multiscope they can figure out how to spoof.
  8. Or let legion destroy QONQR and no one will have to play anymore.
  9. When Gamers Cross the Line

    Search for yourself on Google.
  10. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    Wait, does that video mean families can play together in the same location as long as they launch 15min apart?
  11. New Feature - Sync Lock

    It's still not clear to me whether it's based on your location during launch or the location of launch. And even if you get past the 30 second rule the 80% is still based only on location.
  12. Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview

    It works. I wonder how QONQR will take advantage of the 8.1 update.
  13. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    I agree, I don't like the Idea of command. I think features not officially created shouldn't be allowed, especially in monitoring your zones.
  14. Zone Assult or Deflection on defense?

    I recommend minimal seekers, if they're smart they won't use shockwave until the seekers (which are easily killed with plasma or missiles) are gone.
  15. Double zones - Guide?

    A tip that helped me is zooming out just before the zones disappear, and sometimes they go apart slightly, then it just takes a few taps for me to get it right.