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  1. The ALS challenge list *post future vids here* :)

    When I go to put the link, it just puts the video. I've tried a few times now..... There we go.
  2. The ALS challenge list *post future vids here* :)

    Forgot to post the link here too. This was my ice bucket challenge. http://youtu.be/GJsMxXu2PcQ
  3. A_Mai1298's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  4. A_Mai1298's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Zuce, Wiizzzaard, and Tetra, you're up!
  5. A_Mai1298's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Completed. Video will be up within the next couple of days. ❄️
  6. The individuals in CEL are equal. We all have equal say as to what goes on. You can't make assumptions and everything about CEL and talk about them, when you don't know what truly goes on. Otherwise it's just here say, and you have no proof. What you see is one thing, and what you are in is another.
  7. Do people not get sarcasm anymore?
  8. Well then you simply have the wrong impression of CEL and swarm in it . And if you surely must know, there is a swarm room for just fl swarm, whether CEL or not. And I mentioned them, but there are more, they simply don't have groupme so I do not keep in contact with them as much unless they ask for help. But I digress. The invite to being in the room still stands . Fellow swarmies .
  9. Check your messages, because she replied . And you aren't in my contacts, so no I can't just add you. I was simply being nice. I do believe we have different definitions of a puppet though. Because as I stated, swarm in CEL are not puppets. Ohhhh, and welcome to swarm . I forgot to say that .
  10. Was supposed to just be the link. http://youtu.be/bkD3jukNB6U. There
  11. A public apology to MetalChic23

    This is definitely in the past .
  12. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Thank you for the apology jay. I was really upset when I heard everything, and I wanted to confront it right when I heard about it because I'm not any of the things you said. Thank you though for the apology, it means alot. I forgive you haha.