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  1. New French Legionnaire in Ohio

    Welcome comrade to the Legion! Give the purple hackers he** and don't let off the gas! Any questions bout the game send me a message.
  2. New legionnaire in France, at Caen

    Welcome comrade! Glad to see another Legion aboard! Keep Qonqring and stay active. And don't hesitate to ask any questions through the wire.
  3. Windows 8 Command Center

    Can't wait for another Legion in Texas! I'll be looking fwd to see u grow in the future Darkassassin215.
  4. New Legion N Nevada

    Have u gotten access to the Legion forum? There r strategies on every formation u an think of. As far as bases goes u have to physically be close to create a base so u can harvest them for qredits. Any other questions feel free to message me or any other Legion. O and welcome to the Legion comrade!
  5. [Legion] Earwin from France

    Welcome comrade! I commend u for choosing the baddest tightest faction! Stay active my fellow legion!
  6. Post your total kills

    I've got 13.6 mil. Started a day before this past Christmas.
  7. Keep Tacoma Faceless!

    Or just switch to Legion!