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Found 2 results

  1. There has been a lot of hate on the new update recently, and I understand the frustration that this update has caused many of us, but I wanted to post something as a player, hoping it means something coming from a member of the community, that wouldn't feel the same coming from an admin/developer, looking down. Please read the entirety of the post, before responding. Sync-Lock is in its 2nd day. Emotions are heightened at the change, as it is a normal human reaction to fear change. Change can break things, change can ruin things, it can disrupt that which you have grown so accustomed to. Change can also fix things, or lead to fixes. From what I've heard so far, here are some of the big issues that have arisen: Now that multi-scoping is legal, the flood gates have been opened and we are going to get tons of multi-scopers Just because multi-scoping is now allowed, doesn't mean you have to do it out of fear someone else will. It also doesn't mean others will jump at it. I've heard from many players, members of swarm, legion, and faceless, that state, depite this change, they will not condone multi-scoping. This isn't to say no one will, but those who do may be outcasted and/or sync-locked, possibly even by their own faction. [*]I got Sync-Locked, now I'm not going to be able to play anymore. Sync-Lock is only 24 hours. So you got locked with someone today. Just means tomorrow, alter your playing style a little. Keep working at it. Eventually, you might be able to work it out Also, work it out for a few days, cost someone their virus for several days, chances are, they'll stop trying to sync-lock you. [*]I just got sync-locked with a person I don't even know. ​Then someone just got lucky, and chances are, it won't happen again, or at least only rarely. Especially if it starts costing them their Virus packet each day. [*]This will be awful for syncing team attacks/defense, since the opposing side could just Sync-Lock the other. How often do you play within 1 mile of your team. It seems the majority use Chat applications such as GroupMe or Line to communicate and sync attacks. It don't matter if your attacks are synced, if you are at least 1 mile away. Lets say, perhaps you have a team: A, B, C, D, E, and F. You all communicate a sync attacks via chat, but two of those members actually know each other and live/work together. What are the odds that it will be discovered that the 2 that live together are C and E? It is about strategy, the poker face. Don't let your enemies know who you are, and who you live/work with. [*]Most multi-scopers are also cubers and will pay for continuous inoculations while those who are innocent will suffer. ​Are most thieves also murderers? Are most gun owners also abortionists? You can't group two types of people together because their both controversial groups so they must be the same? The main reasoning I hear behind this is that the "dishonorable" act of multi-scoping and the having of money means these people have the two things necessary to multi-scope. A lack of character and money to buy inoculations and devices. [*]This isn't all true. I don't cube, I don't have tons of money to waste on games or devices, but I have access to several devices, because: I wok in IT for a big company I have many friends and family whose phone I could use My wife owns both a phone and a tablet, I own a phone, and I have a work phone. We are about to upgrade our phones and have the option to keep our old phones, which adds 2 more phones. Technically, I could start a one many army, but doesn't mean I'd be willing to pay for inoculations. [*]This is just going to lead to more people paying to win, just in other ways. ​When people pay to win, in a way, we all win, as I will bring out below... Say the worse of this is true! Say the flood-gates have been opened and now multi-scopers are everywhere, paying for inoculations, spending money constantly. That means more money to developers, which in turn means more staff that they could afford, which in-turn breeds more developments, more updates. With more updates and more to do, the game becomes more interesting and more people play. The game gets bigger and bigger and eventually something new has to happen because everyone could be sync-locked to each other, since there would be more players in a close proximity to each other. Also, remember, this is a game of WAR. War, like life, is unfair. Just because there are specific rules in warfare that you abide by, doesn't mean everyone else will. Just because one decides to use to their advantage, certain things that you aren't willing to do, doesn't meant they will win. This is a game of WAR, and more importantly, it is a GAME. Everyone has the same options available to him/her, which keeps the game balance, we just have to adapt, learn to make it work for us without turning on our own conscious. Lastly, and one of the most important points, this is a NEW update. This is new to everyone, including the developers. Testing can only go so far, before release, at finding bugs. There are bound to be bugs that will be found and possible tweaks that could be made. This all come in time, after usage shows how things develop. I have to say, it is rare in any entertainment community, whether it be gaming, movies, TV, music, etc, that one of the key developers of that "entertainment" would be willing to come out and speak to the fans, the consumers. This should go a long way for many of us that are concerned. The fact the Silver has been offering to enter GroupMe chat rooms to talk to alliance groups, teams, etc., and try to address concerns, shows the concern they have for their community. In chat with him today, he tried to crack a few jokes to lighten the mood, before stating he was off to read some hate mail. I know many are against this change, but all I'm saying is give it time. Don't jump the gun on how awful this is going to be, especially when your concern is for how awful this is going to be for others. Some of the people complaining, are also people not being affected, and some of those, that I know were affected, I have barely heard anything from. Lets ride this out, so that the people with legitimate concerns, can gain the focus, and whatever needs to be done is done.
  2. Cheaters

    Recently many fake accounts have been created in my area. All of them are abandoned as soon as they reach level 10. In other words, people are creating accounts only to get free cubes and rank points through referrals. I think this is worrying. There should be some kind of control, any cheaters should be banned straight away. A few online games, like Cyber Nations for example, have successfully implemented strict controls (based on too many players on the same IP for example). I believe the moderators here at QONQR need to start working on a plan to stop this behaviour as soon as possible. Any players referred through such accounts must be banned on the spot. The following accounts are all fake (abandoned after reaching level 10): Randomforcubes Randomforcubes2 Random4cubes4u Random4cubes4u2 Doesntgetmoreradom4qubes Kalten Anex Melaidhrin Berelain Belerain I have already spent some money buying cubes, but I won't support a game which does stop obvious cheaters from ruining the fun for everyone. It's time to get serious.