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Found 1 result

  1. COMMUNITY BEWARE OF ONLINE STALKING I had a terrible social experience here that went beyond any acceptable game play. 1. My initial courteous messages to other players resulted in heavily abusive language. Thinking this was trolling I responded in kind as best able. The result was far worse than I would have imagined... 2. A player began stalking behavior - messaging me in-game using my exact words on this forum post. 3. Then I was threatened physically in-game and immediately started receiving a bunch of calls from some phone server while the threats came in. I was unable to speak with anyone nor return the calls when I tried. 4. I quit the game and the calls stopped. You have at least one really sicko player out there, who is willing to break the law to intimidate players in a free entertainment app. I'm done - I don't need to go through terroristic behavior and legal processes over a game. Yes, I am afraid to list the suspected players' names. Anyone who can find my iphone number to use against me is both capable and willing to step outside of the law and any ethical practice. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SAY WHAT TO!