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Found 44 results

  1. A couple of days ago our strong and respected opponent Vilmosiv0 announced he had left The Netherlands to go home to Hungary. He was a real annoyance for multiple Legionnaires, but he always played fair and respectful. We have had many great battles and he left us a huge purple area. Dutch Legionnaires thought it would be a great idea to carve his initial in the map of The Netherlands as a tribute. Zone distribution in the area (or beer consumption) made it a bit difficult to create a perfect V, but it's the idea that counts, right? So here is the result of an evening of sculpting of multiple Legionnaires. Scope: Command Center: CC zoomed out: It will probably not take long before other Faceless operatives or Swarm operatives in the area will destroy this symbol, but for now it awaits the return of Vilmosiv0.
  2. Hello everyone! As per requested, the stats for Virginia! Next stats page requested is Florida, Quebec, Hawaii, Ohio then the US (depending on if the Leaderboards work). Virginia Top 50! Total Players: 50 (duh) Total Bots Deployed: 94,455,630 Total Bots Killed: 181,752,057 Total Zone Leads: 7,385 Total Zone Captures: 40,851 Total Players Legion: 19 Faceless: 18 Swarm: 13 Total Bots Deployed Legion: 38,475,796 Faceless: 38,666,966 Swarm: 17,312,838 Total Bot Kills Legion: 65,740,070 Faceless: 74,738,140 Swarm: 41,273,847 Total Zone Leads: Legion: 2,459 Faceless: 3,205 Swarm: 1,721 Total Zone Captures Legion: 12,225 Faceless: 17,759 Swarm: 10,867 Top 10 Players goes like this... Faceless Faceless Faceless Swarm Legion Legion Legion Swarm Legion Legion The Top 10 players account for... 59.95% of the total bots deployed 24.19% of the total bot kills 40.87% of the total zone leads 27.69% of the total zone captures Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 56,626,375 Total Kills: 43,970,838 Total Leads: 3,018 Total Captures: 11,315 Fun Facts! The bot totals here for Legion and Faceless are the closest I've seen. The Legion needs 191,200 more bots deployed to pass up the Faceless total! GET AT IT!! If you doubled the Swarm total bots deployed they would need 3,850,120 to pass the Legion and 4,041,320 to pass the Faceless. The Faceless lead in bot kills with 8,998,070 more bots killed than Legion and 33,464,293 more than Swarm!
  3. Hello all i'm ShadowFox57. Been following this game for a while now, but just today got a cell phone. Already sitting solid at level 11 and going strong. Was simply wondering what other players might be in the atlanta area and if any of them are faceless operatives? Goodness knows I could use a little bit of help here.
  4. Hello everyone! As per requested, the stats for Quebec! Now the stats are kind of all sorts of screwy because Quebec's Top 50 includes people with 60,000 bots deployed down to 2,099 bots deployed. I counted more than a few people who with 40,000 bots deployed had a couple hundred or thousand zone leads. So what I"m going to do is post the stats as they are, no tweaking or anything. Then at the bottom I'll try and tweak some awards and stuff so you can see how the locals are actually doing. Next stats page requested is Hawaii, Ohio, USA, then Pennsylvania. Want your state or country done? Just message me or post here! Otherwise I'll start finding states and making up stats Quebec Top 50! Total Players: 50 (duh) Total Bots Deployed: 23,719,059 Total Bots Killed: 334,808,627 Total Zone Leads: 4,198 Total Zone Captures: 80,952 Total Players Legion: 32 - 64% Faceless: 10 - 20% Swarm: 8 - 16% Total Bots Deployed Legion: 20,774,049 - 87.58% Faceless: 2,361,457 - 9.96% Swarm: 583,553 - 2.46% Total Bot Kills Legion: 212,337,608 - 63.42% Faceless: 53,126,323 - 15.87% Swarm: 69,344,696 - 20.71% Total Zone Leads: Legion: 3,040 - 72.42% Faceless: 461 - 10.98% Swarm: 697 - 16.60% Total Zone Captures Legion: 47,238 - 58.35% Faceless: 19,535 - 24.13% Swarm: 14,179 - 17.52% Top 10 Players goes like this... Legion Legion Legion Legion Faceless Legion Legion Legion Faceless Swarm The Top 10 players account for... 89.92% of the total bots deployed 22.98% of the total bot kills 12.46% of the total zone leads 28.98% of the total zone captures Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 21,327,124 Total Kills: 76,938,126 Total Leads: 523 Total Captures: 23,460 Awards! (this will grow as I think of stuff) I have tweaked these to try and only show locals... Most bots killed: joemorin73 (22,714,247) Most Zone Leads: joemorin73 (166) Most Zone Captures: ghost316 (10277) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio: irobot (32.68%) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio: Dinofluo (76.09%) Funniest Picture: hamako & fallenQC Introvert (messaging turned off) : hamaka & red5353 & apsara Most annoying player: SmooveMove - by the way, you're under attack Best Picture: R3drom - What is that? A genetically enhanced killer bee?? Freaky awesome Fun facts! (slightly skewed but fun XD ) If you multiply the Faceless bots deployed by 10 the Legion need 2,840,521 more to catch up! If you multiply the Swarm bots deployed by 35 the Legion still beat them by 349,694. If you multiply the Faceless bots killed by 4 the Legion needs only 167,684 to catch up! If you multiply the Swarm bots killed by 3 the Legion has a 4,303,520 kill lead! If you add the Swarm and Faceless zone leads together, then multiply by 3 the Legion needs 434 to catch up. Slackers. Combining the Swarm and Faceless zone captures the Legion still leads by 13,524.
  5. Hello everyone! I've added more percentages, Awards and fun facts that I will carry over into each state. Other things you want me to look for and make note of just mention it! As per requested, the stats for Florida! Next stats page requested is Quebec, Hawaii, Ohio, USA, then Pennsylvania. Want your state or country done? Just message me or post here! Otherwise I'll start finding states and making up stats Florida Top 50! Total Players: 50 (duh) Total Bots Deployed: 132,706,231 Total Bots Killed: 40,855,242 Total Zone Leads: 1,121 Total Zone Captures: 6,841 Total Players Legion: 11 - 22% Faceless: 24 - 48% Swarm: 15 - 30% Total Bots Deployed Legion: 56,013,008 - 24.84% Faceless: 122,587,919 - 54.35% Swarm: 46,936,184 - 20.81% Total Bot Kills Legion: 48,535,382 - 30.68% Faceless: 67,548,862 - 42.70% Swarm: 42,109,651 - 26.62% Total Zone Leads: Legion: 1,106 - 25.69% Faceless: 1,786 - 41.49% Swarm: 1,413 - 26.62% Total Zone Captures Legion: 8,500 - 26.45% Faceless: 13,658 - 42.49% Swarm: 9,983 - 31.06% Top 10 Players goes like this... Faceless Legion Faceless Legion Legion Swarm Swarm Swarm Faceless Faceless The Top 10 players account for... 58.84% of the total bots deployed 25.83% of the total bot kills 26.04of the total zone leads 21.28% of the total zone captures Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 132,706,231 Total Kills: 40,855,242 Total Leads: 1,121 Total Captures: 6,841 Awards! (this will grow as I think of stuff) Most bots killed: pueriexdeus (13,530,296) Most Zone Leads: pueriexdeus (361) Most Zone Captures: ap0c3030 (4546) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio: Seleas (474.24%) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio: Valvatores (93.75% with 45 leads and 48 captures) Funniest Picture: Novaa Most annoying player: BfnC - he was actively deploying when I was calculating all this, messed me up Introvert (messaging turned off) : spencerin109 Fun Facts! Number of Cat pictures: 3 Number of Dog Pictures: 1 Number of Star Wars Pictures: 2 Number of Food pictures: 1 Number of Car pictures: 2
  6. Hello everyone! As per requested, the stats for New York! New York Top 50! Total Players: 50 (duh) Total Bots Deployed: 182,631,273 Total Bots Killed: 306,232,379 Total Zone Leads: 5,095 Total Zone Captures: 53,783 Total Players Legion: 7 Faceless: 24 Swarm: 19 Total Bots Deployed Legion: 23,940,358 Faceless: 61,306,899 Swarm: 97,384,016 Total Bot Kills Legion: 77,039,208 Faceless: 57,111,206 Swarm: 172,081,965 Total Zone Leads: Legion: 1,372 Faceless: 2,369 Swarm: 1,354 Total Zone Captures Legion: 16,743 Faceless: 9,386 Swarm: 27,654 Top 10 Players goes like this... Swarm Swarm Swarm Swarm Faceless Legion Legion Faceless Swarm Swarm The Top 10 players account for... 56.36% of the total bots deployed 36.04% of the total bot kills 31.99% of the total zone leads 32.82% of the total zone captures Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 102,933,202 Total Kills: 110,373,675 Total Leads: 1,630 Total Captures: 17,597 Fun Stats! If you combine both Legion and Faceless bot totals the Swarm have a 12,136,759 bot lead! If you combine both Legion and Faceless bot kills the Swarm have a 37,931,551 kill lead! If you combine both Legion and Swarm zone leads the Faceless have a 357 zone lead. I thought swarm had that place on lockdown If you combine Legion and Faceless zone captures the Swarm have a 1,525 bot lead! Also I noticed that many of the players in this state have some of the oddest ratios. Amthejam is my example 4 million deployed - 500k killed - 134 lead - 144 captured. Not a bad LC ratio.
  7. Good fight! It looked like you could use a little resistance! Legion members Knuckledragger and I were just passing through, we will come back.....someday soon.
  8. faceless in houston

    Greetings! It's good to meet my allies and adversaries. If I can be of assistance to the greater cause of the Faceless, I'd love to know. Also, if you guys have any tips, I'm all ears!
  9. blah blah blah

    Curious about something..the genesis of the faction names in particular and some other details.. Influenced by Anonymous much? Legion is a term often used "we are legion..." Swarm.. Hive mind.... Faceless.. Guy Fawkes mask..hackers.. The pic used for the plasma cannon...very similar to the pic used in the old ddos tool LOIC ....just saying there are some very familiar 'accidental' references
  10. My question is, when you're 1 or 2, against an army. How do you fight back, what's the best approach? EDIT: Info scratched, We're coming!
  11. Hawaiian_Bob says Hi

    Hawaiian_Bob would like to say hi. I reached level 100 today. I am really enjoying playing the game.
  12. New Faceless in Woodway TX

    Hey there guys, new Faceless in woodway Texas. Thats near Waco. Currently surrounded by one swarmer who has 300 plus zones arround me. I have carved out two zones but my controll is tentative at best. Anyway good evening to you all!
  13. I'm a new player up here. Its hard to play due to zones being far apart.
  14. I know you guys have talked here and there about the Faction Leader Character designs, but I'm curious: how did you guys settle upon the red purple green color scheme?
  15. Hello my bretheren and my fellow frenimies! I'm new to Faceless and am doing my best to hold down St. Louis. wish me luck and see you (hopefully) soon on the Faceless forum. Faceless_Hokie
  16. How do I do this....I'd like to switch to the swarm from faceless.
  17. What are the pros and cons of doing so? I'm a level 62 with 2 level 90 faceless players in my area, when I first started playing it was fun because there was a large swarm presence in our area; but we have since wiped them from the map. I've been considering switching sides to get the achievements and to switch the game up here. Also incentives from other factions are welcome I suppose, I've already been offered a nice chunk of cubes by a swarm agent in my area. Just saying.
  18. LORE

    I'm about 2-3 weeks in to playing and interested in the lore. I was kind of sad when I went to the lore thread and there wasn't really anything there about the lore behind all that is QONQR. Anyone out there willing to bring me up to speed?
  19. Run

    Don't stop running. Don't look back. Prometheus is grinning. ... I almost didn't see it. I should've been so lucky. Perhaps I burned one too many firewalls. Perhaps I pwned the the wrong file. But I should have know better than "cat qonqr" Filesystems are all the same. The more secure they are, the less they change. Smaller footprint, eh? So when I found /dev/qonqr, I had to look again. qrw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 17, 0 19 Jan 2038 /dev/qonqr It's not often you find a 'q' device. From the future. I could have walked away at that point. I could have reset the cron table, smoothed the security log, loosed the mach queue... Who am I kidding? Once I had seen qonqr, Prometheus had seen me. My one-way private key tunnel didn't slow it down at all. Qonqr surfed into my system on the back of an ack. I recognised the bootstrap loader of the Universal Turing Machine, but before I could break the tape, qonqr had my terminal, my machine, and my entire bot network. And Prometheus had me. "All your base are belong to us" He has a way with words. My screen didn't have a chance. Qonqr had seeded a Garden-of-Eden pixel automata in the terminal. Unicode fell to the untrammelled tumolt of wild pseudo-code, as sprites broke free of the z-buffer and liquid crystal ran free. I fell back in horror from the workstation. A writhing, sickly mass of unbounded dimensions floundered in blind hunger, groaning and gawping and yawning for... me. "This way. I am your only hope" A shadowy figure stood beside me, face hidden by a cowl, arms gesturing widely, inscribing logograms of warding; a lambda calculus of eldritch computation. The anonymous functors glowed brightly as atomic bindings engaged and constrained Qonqr. "I am Prometheus" His voice echoed deeped in my head, triggering my cochlear implant directly. I recognised the familiar timbre of sub-synthesised text, but with an emotional markup. He was enjoying himself. "Qonqr is mine. Sunday fears it, Nagumo loves it. But Faceless will control it." Prometheus was programming the very aether, blocking and burying Qonqr in an impenetrable wall of NP constraints. "I can't hold Qonqr yet, but you are one of us now, one of the Unheralded, one of the Faceless." And he turned to look at me, and I gazed into the terrible emptiness of his hood, a mask of plasma grid. From the ruins of my terminal, Qonqr flared in a last, desparate bid to eclipse Prometheus. A swarm of fractal infinitesimals forced a loose geometry, and burst through the unguarded parallel. Prometheus was thrown sideways to the ground. His face lit up with pixelled delight at the contest. ; ) "Run"