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Found 2 results

  1. What now?

    So I've been playing for a while now and I believe I've explored pretty much every aspect of Qonqr that's possible. What now? Stack bots? Kill opponents bots? The choice is endless right? I could stick my hand in my pocket and do the whole hyper cuber thing but lets face it that's not Qonqr. Its just **** waving ( look mines bigger lol). So in the few years I've been playing, the forums are pretty much dead and the interaction between players and devs has dwindled. The last blog post about faction logos and blue was a waste of blog, effort and probably money. So what is peoples money being spent on? New features don't seem to be anywhere on the horizon and I doubt money is much of an issue, considering certain players spending habits. I haven't seen any marketing done or game progression, not including updates to make Qonqr work, android version is still non existent on the market so guys what's going on? I am a bit bored. But I believe I raise valid questions. If anyone visits the forum feel free to read and comment. Qonqr on..... 'cough' 'cough'
  2. 1st Change: qonqr needs incentives to keep players playing the game after level 100, 2nd: players need in game opportunities to earn cubes, pay to win set ups actually turn away players rather than bring them in. 3rd: BETTER FACTION COMMUNICATION