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Found 1 result

  1. Unwilling Recruit

    "I swear I'm not a spy! I don't know what you're talking about!", I cried while tears openly rolled down my cheeks creating uneven dark spots on the cement at my feet. I wanted to get away. I wanted to be anywhere else, but the brick wall at my back was a stark reminder that this intense woman before me with passionate green eyes was interrogating me. She brushed a stray lock of hair, that shone golden in the noonday sun, from her face before continuing, "Then how did you know about the nanobots! How did you come to have this on your phone!" She raised my confiscated Titan II smartphone, with the QONQR interface across the display, accusingly. Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks as I wanted to die, to get away from this situation, this frightning lady. Immediately upon the thought I knew I wanted to live even more. Every fiber of my being wanted to flee, to escape. I knew she would find me. I knew I was lost. I knew I could only tell the truth, and hope to see another day. "It was in my messages from a Facebook friend," I admitted, resigned to my fate. She verified the message as I continued, "We played some games together and he said I could help him QONQR the world. I downloaded the app he provided and installed it. When the map came up showing zones, I figured it was another AR game like Project Icefly or Geocaching. Three factions vying for control of areas, my efforts matter for the outcome... I thought it was just a game! Come on! The Legion? The Swarm? The Faceless? Could you really pick worse names?" Her cold stare cowed me. I could feel my shoulders creep and I turned my face away to try and hide from those hard, beautiful eyes. "Scorned is a Faceless active in this area," she commented, "How did you come to use Legion Nanobots?" "Every game has settings. I just changed my faction. Legion sounded cooler than Faceless..." Her voice warmed, "I don't see any information in your Scope about bot use. How did you know to use Seekers instead of Zone Assault during that fight?" "I'm a gamer. I can figure out just about any game put before me. Except Minecraft. That game has a BRUTAL learning curve..." She smirked and added, "And those Creepers are nasty!" Feeling calm and full of hope, I took back my phone from her raised hand. As I turned to leave though, my world crashed down around me. "Welcome to the Legion. Since you pick up the basics so well, we're going to teach you advanced tactics. Starting off with Shockwaves?" she clucked her tongue disapprovingly, "The name's Gabrielle, but you'll refer to me as Agent Sunday. You've got a lot to learn. You'll have to come with me."