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Found 1 result

  1. The title says it all really, the game is no longer a game for us. A certain op spends 500 to 700 dollars daily hitting zones for no reason at all, said player also dishes out cubes and caches for his players on a daily basis. Now this op will come on later and say he's doing nothing wrong etc etc etc BUT if six whole countries and two different factions cant take one op on then something is seriously wrong with the game. Now to shut this OP up i will update this post daily with his spending (this will only cover what he has on Most active zones and only his launches but should flag up that something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this game and no one OP should have the power to take on so many people). Now i know support wont get involved with this discussion because lets face it, the OP is their biggest supporter BUT when does an OP turn into a bully and what rules govern bullying. Just to throw some numbers up in the air here's the last few days of launches (BUT ONLY WHATS SHOWING ON MOST ACTIVE ZONES) Day 1 957 launches Day 2 335 & 527 launches I will add extra days when he pops up on the board ( but this is just the last two days ) over the last few months he has taken a 6 million bot zones with no boost and over 400k of absorbers (just because he could and no other reason, no faceless within 30 miles) and others (lots) including one which had 1.2 million absorbers. Does this mean the game is seriously flawed??, whats the point playing if one person has the power and the money to take any zone they wish. At least in atlantis his power disappears and i guess that's why he no longer plays it. HE CANT BULLY ANYONE!!!, anyway back to attacking pointless stacking any zone within his reach. Problem is he will just gift cubes to his lost sheep!! (camels)