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Found 6 results

  1. OnePlus One, Android 5.1.1 When using the bases detail screen, "current zone" does not update, regardless of travel to a different zone. Using back button and map center carat, followed by re-activating bases detail screen still shows old zone which is no longer current. Must exit application and re-launch multiple times before current zone is recognized.
  2. Bases

    Ok, so I just got this game. Really cool concept. I have three questions about bases. 1 - how many bases can we have? Right now, at level 10, it seems to be one base every five levels. 2 - what's the importance of bases, other than to harvest credits? Should I spread my bases out or cluster them together? It seems you can only deploy from where you physically are, which is cool, but that suggests that bases aren't important beyond credits. 3 - how do you build bases? I understand you go to the bases menu and click create a base, but when I try to build one 5km from my first, it reverts my current zone to the first base, not the zone I tried to put it in. Is there a distance requirement in between bases? In USA using WP7 Thanks
  3. How to create a new base, because I'am stuck with one only. 'Create Base' button is not highlighted even when there are more than 10 bases showing available. I tried in different zones even in different state, still no option for creating a new base.
  4. Some way to remove bases?

    I know when I first started I went base happy. Now that I'm a more seasoned player I'm wishing I could get rid of some to create better bases. I think it would be a good idea to create a remove base function.
  5. Create Base not working

    Hi there, new player with trouble. I scoured the help file and forums but haven't found a solution yet. My Create Base button is failing to light up and function at all. I tried on wifi, i tried via 4g. I even took a long walk to see if it would help via location after resetting my device to no avail. I captured my local zone where i am and then cleared out every last enemy nano. This leveled me to 22. Still, no active button, still no base. Can anyone help? (I'm an educated man in his 40s who runs an online radio program, so I need real advice, not 'did you check your phone settings?') My gear: iOS (current update) on a 16 gig iPhone 4S. I have enough data plan and cellular service to run either on 4G or high speed wifi. All of my other location based apps are functioning.
  6. Well, the thing is, so far, in the city I live in I'm the only player hahaha, but I do have some friends already that will start playing (when the app goes to Android that is (which I think I read somewhere that it would come out somewhere around the middle of the year, something like that)) But well, the thing is, I do know for sure that when the app comes I'll have several other players to compete with, which is good, but I want to keep the lead on the city's base (there's only one base here), so I was wondering, I'm deploying several bots to be in the city, but does it have a difference on which kinds of bots I deploy? I mean, would it be better for me to load up the place with defense bots only? Or all that matters right now is numbers, doesn't really matter if its defensive or attacking bots?