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Found 1 result

  1. It seems like not that long ago, winning Atlantis would allow your bases to harvest up to 200%, and soon after the battle ended you'd get a message in your Personal Wire informing you of your efforts and giving you a lump sum of credits for said efforts. With QONQR Blue having been launched and needing credits to upgrade my scope once more, I definitely wanted those boons this month. I was surprised however when my bases only harvested up to 100%, instead of the expected 200%. Not did I get a message in my Personal Wire granting me a lump sum of credits. Have these features been done away with, or is it just that the bases fill faster with the Atlantis boon? Otherwise, I no longer see the point in Atlantis. Can anyone offer up some useful information. Also, a sticky regarding Atlantis would be nice, as I was unable to find one with relevant info.