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Found 1 result

  1. Faction drawings

    Hi everyone i like to draw and well make a few things and i want to show everyone. I don't use photoshop or adobe illustrator because i don't have to money so there wont be to many if at all computer images. in here i'll occasionally post drawings of something I've done and I'll title what they are. Just let me know what you think you could even request something and i'll try to draw you something to your liking ( just give me a few details and maybe a picture or two so i can get ideas of what you want me to draw.) well to start I got 2 uniform ideas for the swarm and legion faction The faceless are a group of hackers so naturally they need to look like they have tech bout them. their iconic facemask and their scoop ( located on the right or left arm) can be seen right away. the jackets have a small bit of tweeking fro the orignal jacket they had with a few things added on ( like the new elbow brace on the elbow of the jackes and the free finger gloves so they can type with out restrictions to their fingers. Also added a bit to their pants to keep them from just being plain pants a few purple designs on their pants legs ( i thought about a flame idea if anyone wants to see that tell me i'll draw it up as well. but there you go all three uniforms. OwO noooow.... what else to draw...... scopes?....nanobots?....a small comidic sketch between agent sunday and a faceless hacking prankster..... =w= hmmmm descisions.