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Found 2 results

  1. The Fall of F3NR0AR

    The following is the prelude to the story I'm writing in regard to the F3NR0AR character's defection from Faceless to Legion on 12/12/12: http://qonqr.formfollows.info
  2. QONQR Bet between F3NR0AR and GungHo: Co-Op 1MOPARNUT ATTACK F3NR0AR & GungHo bet to see which faction could do the most damage in a Co-Op Strike (http://qonqr.formfollows.info/ ). If Swarm won, F3N needed to make a promo video and post it publicly to YouTube stating Swarm is better than Legion. If Legion won, GungHo must donate to the QONQR webcomic. "The Bet" (twitter thread) Swarm: 661,791 Faceless bots destroyed Legion: 1,254,963 Faceless bots destroyed Not-So-Big-Winner: F3NR0AR. Sure, the op was a success but the 1 Million bots in backlash/counter-strike damage I took the next day kept me from closing the gap on 1moparnut. Not-So-Badly-Hurt-Loser: GungHo. Even though Swarm didn't do as much damage, they still did a heck of a job and we all had fun running the op, and the bet will help the QONQR web-comic The Loser: not really anybody, as 1moparnut just took the hit in stride. I'd say 1moparnut counts more as a Barely-Inconvenienced-Deployment-Machine.... This is the second op we've run on him, and we've destroyed almost 4.5 Million bots of his in the last 6 months or so, and he's still got almost 10 Million bots and still growing rapidly.