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Found 1 result

  1. Since I'm not too savy with the whole 'quote' feature on these forums, I'll have to use the old copy and paste method. It's obvious that some folks from my neighboring state have the wrong idea about our multifaction group - GPF. I thought I would start a fresh post, like Rebel said, it didn't belong in the MrBizzy topic. First, I'll address Rocco's concern, then after that if Rebel has any questions I'm sure he'll chime in. So why are you so angry, Unhuman? It borders on being cruel... which is something I thought the GPF rallied against. Unfortunatly emotion doesn't always translate well to text. I can write, but I'm certainly no poet. I'm not angry at all with Mark. I'll try to explain in a way that doesn't appear to have any emotion attached since there is really is none. He thought my initial post was a public slam, I simply wanted to show the difference. When did education become cruel? Why do they get to decide how the game should be played? We all have different strategies and different ways of determining the value of our gameplay to ourselves. Mark plays the game he wants, fair enough. I have never done anything negative to him except for organize a group whose game style is different than his. For that reason he attacks me. You claim to value differing strategies, yet support someone who doesn't? I'm not sure if that's contradictory or contrary, but either way Of course, I don't know much about the GPF... my initial leanings have been more negative though, as it feels almost fascist in nature. Who made the GPF the police of Qonqr? GPF fascist in nature? Far from it. If the badges give the appearnce that we feel our role is to 'police', then we'll need to find some other way of showing our affiliation. We are not police; however, we wanted to be open about our affiliation as not to be labeled as a group of spies like the 4th, or a group with an agenda like CEL. There is no leader, there are no goals, the group revolves around 2 key ideas: Play the game for fun and enjoyment, play the game fair. We have monthly contests (like Thankskilling), and are working to have the contests stay 'in-house' so those outside of GPF are not affected. This would be the 'play for fun' ideal. Likewise, we act as a 'help-me line' for anyone who may need it. No GPF member is obligated to help. If group members decide to help someone then it is on their own accord and free will. We're really not organized enough to be any major offensive force, even though others want to believe that. This would be our 'play the game fair' ideal. Many of our members have been subject to heavy-handedness or bullying, that is where the core of that ideal arose. GPF essentially formed on its own out of the drama and politics that were/are happening in Illinois. MO Faceless had already been working with Thick and Mato_Ska from MO Swarm in a Green/Purple groupme room during the STL take over. I was connected with Rebel and other Illinois Faceless, along with your "HUGE glaring red person" in a seperate groupme room for Illinois politics called The Safe House. This all started between the times that Sayya was hit by Legion/Swarm, then Rebel was hit, and the Downer Groves/Tinley park Op. Drama was high and frankly the game was no longer an enjoyment,. I brought the idea of the 3-faction team to the Safe House. We already had all the elements essentially working together: Thick, Mato, and myself (green & purple), Ariore and Rebel (red & purple). We discussed it openely, tabled the idea, and later that day everyone from the Illinois side decided to discuss it amongst themselves and reject the idea. I was told it wouldn't work in Illinois. I removed myself from Illinois Faceless politics, and we went on about the business of building what is now our GPF team. As we talked to more players about our philiosophy and ideals, more people became interested, more people joined, and more people are having fun with less drama. This is why Rebel hates GPF. He NEEDS to have an arch enemy and drama. It's part of his game style. At first it was you, now it is me. He's upset because GPF is working in Illinois... and Missouri and Kentucky and Indiana and Arkansas. Thick always says it best, 'we play the game like a group of old friends playing a board game'. We play against each other, but with each other. Rebel doesn't agree with this, neither does Mark. Again, it's simply a group who... "have the same strategies and same ways of determining the value of our gameplay to ourselves". Since I've always been the vocal one, I'm the target. I don't hate Mark...I don't hate any other players, but I would appreciate if folks would simply ask questions about us before assuming anything and slamming me with bullets. It would certainly make things a lot easier.