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Found 5 results

  1. Can't deploy?

    I'm trying to deploy in the Atlantis grunt zone (level 68), but it's saying I can't since I've used a bot or energy refresh, but I haven't used either of those.
  2. XP confusion

    I'm just a bit confused with the XP system. Sometimes when I am attacking a zone I'll get upwards of 300xp,but then shortly after I'll get 50xp when attacking the same zone. Sometimes it even fluctuates between 50 and 300 or so. Is this to prevent people from staying in one zone too long or is the game just as confused as I am?
  3. Fresh Swarm come this way

    My names is MADMIGHTYWHITEY if your new to swarm hit me up on twitter @Madmightywhity. And I'll help with anything I can. Just remember you may struggle but they can't kill you so keep fighting. If you happen to live in VA I can help you a lot. This game is about networking so start here. Say hi.
  4. Help Please - Recruiter Inquiries

    I've searched and cannot find detailed information on recruiter does/don'ts/pros/cons/ necessities or anything of the like. Would you please direct me to the appropriate location?
  5. My recruiter code is TheGermanSaint. After you get to level 10 and I get the cubes from it I will give you half the cubes I have. It will be a win win for both of us and you don't even have to join the legion if you don't want to.