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Found 1 result

  1. Well lets just say I have been at every Atlantis since August 2014 and now it is great to see that all factions have won at Atlantis. This Atlantis was like none before all factions had a chance in the final hour to take the win! Making it a unique Atlantis except for the fact that we now see an increase in multi-scoping just to take the Swarm Grunt Zone by Legion! Also with the addition of Two 'T'Shirt contests one for the stacking phase and one for the final battle phase! (sorry a little bost 4 Swarm took the final T-Shirts and one to a Faceless so sorry to legion they may have won atlantis but missed the T's) All in all it was the most interesting Atlantis to date and if this is how they will be in the future we have a lot of good fun wars to play and the servers were at there best with the only noticeable slowdown occurring in the final 10mins of the battle which deserves a big round of applause to the servers and the staff at QHQ