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Found 4 results

  1. Upgrades vs. Ordnances

    Does anyone know what is best to focus on as a new player with regards to upgrades and ordnances? Just wondering what I should be focusing on with regards to how I spend my money. Any help is appreciated.
  2. recruitment questions

    Soo, I put in a recruiting name so I could make some ca$h for my friends to join. And the recruiting title I typed in must have been already taken because it took my friends to some high level faceless' page. And now I can't delete it and pick a different one. Its stuck! Help plz
  3. Noob Formation Help

    I started this game a short time ago and I can't seem to switch between the shockwave formation and the zone attack one. I've unlocked both and I'm on a Nokia Lumia 900 running WP7. Any help?
  4. AgentSierraMist from Atlanta

    I haven't even started playing yet & I like it already. Smfh I don't usually play these kinds of games.