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Found 1 result

  1. The Fall of 17 Million

    THANK YOU Firsts things first. I want to say a major thank you to all of my fellow Faceless comrades. Words cannot being to explain how grateful I am for all of your support you have given me, whether it was for Pittsburgh or at another time. You guys are absolutely amazing and I am so blessed to be with such an amazing group of people. The fact that there were over 2,000,000 nano-missile remnants in the Pittsburgh zone is astounding. Our unity has grown because of this and I am longing for future Operations together. Again, thank you all for everything you guys continue to do, I will be forever in your debt. THE TAKE-DOWN At 7:30 PM on Friday, January 10, 2014, North East Legion Forces began what would become the biggest destruction of a zone in QONQR game history to date. Before the attack, the Pittsburgh zone stood 16,945,000 bots strong, fully galvanized, latticed, and amplified. It was the largest zone in all of Pennsylvania and one of the largest in the region. It was considered to be a zone that would never be touched due to its sheer size. That Friday, at 7:32 PM, I was starting my first of 7 Deflection deployments into the zone when I noticed something that should not have been there, ENEMY AMPS. Immediately I sent out emergency requests for help in clearing them. Within 10 minutes, all of the amps were gone and all traces of legion as well. Unfortunately for us, this was only the beginning of what would become a 131 hour long operation and the loss of over 17 million bots. At 8:12 AM on Thursday, January 16, the zone fell to Legion control. THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY But the battle was much much more than that, there were parts that went extremely well and others that would make anyone's head spin. The response that both sides had was probably record breaking on its own. Towards the end, there were so many people in that zone that you couldn't tell if there was an Amp unless it popped up above 6,000 bots. Both sides brought in record amounts of players, with estimates giving Legion 50-80 and Faceless topping out around 130 players. The fact that Pittsburgh was getting all of this attention was a little offsetting for us locals. One thing that shouldn't go unmentioned is the local response. We set up a schedule where we would have one player clear out all of the nano-missiles so that the rest of us could add in defense. A few times we added 40k bots in 1 minute, only to have it destroyed in about 2, depending on the time of day and who all was launching. Legion also set up a schedule ensuring that there were always players in the zone, something I can attest to being a rather large pain on our end. There was not a 5 minute period that I can recall (except for at night) where there weren't enemy bots in the zone. But not everything was a smooth ride. Sometimes the amps would go unnoticed for 5 minutes, but as stated above, never lasted more than 10. This was mostly due to the fact that there were not enough diverts to cover the threat levels the amps caused. At 2 cubes per amp (using refreshes and not accounting the cost of the amp) that's not a mistake that should be made, but alas it allowed for a very quick removal. There were dozens of amp attempts, but in the end it was the constant launching that brought the zone down, especially those that seemed to never stop launching, amps or no amps. Who spent what and more is going to be argued over for as long as people remember this attack. Call it bias but due to the costs of the amps and the constant onslaught of missiles, I think it goes without saying that Legion spent the most, some even would argue that the zone was bought. This doesn't mean we didn't have our own share of spenders though. I can't even begin to imagine how many cubes I used on recharges and I know I spent well over 500k qredits myself. As I said, we also had 2,000,000 nano-missile remnants which was not a cheap feat. It also meant that once the locals were cleared out, down the remnants went. On Thursday, the zone lost 5,000,000 due to only zone assaults and nano missiles being left. The two 6k exchange days also didn't help the defenders out much either, although there was also a 1k day. On Sunday I began making plans for the fall of the zone. We realized Legion's ambitions so we wanted to drag this thing out as long as we could, and boy did we. I began adding diverts to my bots which eventually gave me a 600k cushion between the other locals. The next step was to have everyone that possibly could to send in one nano-missile. The goal wasn't to have the zone go up in size, but instead require Legion to clear them all out before they would touch my bots. We did the same strategy in Harrisburg and managed to drag that 1,000,000 sized zone out for 24 hours. But nanos can only do so much in terms of defense and if it isn't kept up with, all incoming attacks will go straight to the biggest threat level. THE UNFORGETABLES No doubt anyone will be forgetting about this attack anytime soon. When something of that size goes down, it's hard to not think about it. On Thursday at around 3:00 AM, I woke up to do a check on the zone. I knew it wouldn't be looking good at this point and the over 100 Faceless players that had sent in nanos earlier were cleared. I checked into our Pittsburgh Missile Command Group and sure enough the night owls were watching over the zone. Legion kept the steady flow of nanos coming but nothing too serious at that point. They would clear for me, one at a time and I would put in some defense. But nothing would prepare us for the 4:00 AM attack. At that time, at least 8 legion members woke from their slumber and brought what we consider to be the final blow to the zone. We were out numbered and caught off guard, just as we were about to go to sleep too. After everyone was done with their scope and I had decided enough recharges was enough, we called it quits and went to bed. While the zone didn't fall then, it allowed them to eat into my diverts, causing all future launches to go towards me, regardless of what other players were in there. At 8:12, the zone was captured and the fight was over. CONCLUSION This is no doubt going into the QONQR history books. The efforts put in from both sides is really jaw-dropping. The sportsmanship put on by both teams is also something we should all be proud of. With his permission, I have Kryptonym quoted saying "Excellent Battle! Please relay my sincere gesture of respect and gratitude for the well played week of war to all the Faceless that assisted you throughout all of this. You and the local crew that you work with are one of the best and most honorable I have seen in this game." I also received well written messages from MisterAudio, Gmenman, and Makeric. Having class during an event like this really shines and while not everyone showed it, for the most part Legion was honorable about the situation. So where does this leave Pittsburgh now? Well being that there are only three locals in the area on the red team, the zone has gone back into Faceless control and as of posting this it sits at 765,000 bots. Future plans for the zone have been put on hold as to what we want it to become but one thing is certain, it will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and become stronger than it ever was before. I think that can also be said about both factions. This Operation has united us all and time will tell how our battlefield strategies play out in the future. Until next time, -Doughty We are Faceless. Never Forgive. Never Forget. Special thanks to: A_Mai1298, AngryChihuahua, Blind, Cheechz, Chinotiera, Cornelius, DrStraynge, Earit, Helipilot, IGenus, Jafffey, Jhonon1, Lluff, LOCOMOFO, NachoPimp, Nexis, Osiris111, Paniqs, Redpill, SexualCheetah, Woodbag, XLR8TION, and countless others for your outpouring support. And a big shout out to our local team of ChrisDoughty324, CthulhuChrist, Cybernetik, EnnJay, Johny5mark, and Steelhack. We could not have defended the way we did without you guys.