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Found 28 results

  1. Carolina Rebellion Meet up

    QONQR meet up at the concert! I got a few swarm going lets make it bigger. Lets get all the local QONQR players there. Its at the Charlotte NC motor speedway. May 2nd through the 3rd. Bunch of great rock bands. I tried to post a banner for it but it was to large and resizing it on my phone isn't working. So here is the website carolinarebellion.com
  2. Additional Factions

    Not sure if this would go here or in feature requests, considering that its probably not something that would ever be implemented, but thought the ideas should be shared anyway, hence here lol. anyway, me and a few friends thought of how cool it would be if there were other factions in addition to the three already in play. I haven't come up with a leader or representative for each faction for that would really take some in depth thought and extra creative thought as to who would be suited for such a role, a fictional character or a real one? Or how shall I make a reference to something related in real life? Anyway, Here they are: Name: Outsiders Color: Blue Symbol: Generic Alien head Motto: Acquire it Description: They've come to earth, following the unmistakable signal of Qonqr through space and time, they've come for its technological power, and since alien technology is already advanced, they've come armed with the nanobot technology to take control of qonqr, defeat their human adversaries and subjugate earth. They already have an understanding of its components yet have no desire to hack it, they seem to want to acquire it. Any more than that is unknown due to inability to communicate. And people who join that faction aren't necessarily aliens. They're human sympathizers or those trying to secure a high rank for the inevitable take over. Or even prisoners forced to deploy against their will through slave collar technology. Name: The UN Color: Gold Symbol: Earth Motto: Secure it Description: They believe it could potentially be dangerous to use, but too important to destroy, and that it should be kept from the hands that would use it for their own ends. It should be captured and locked away in the deepest vault for good until a true solution can be reached, or the mysteries surrounding qonqr and everything about it are uncovered. The members are mainly approved volunteers, civilian contractors, and high clearance military personnel, to use nanobot technology to try to aid the effort to capture, conceal, and secure the situation and prevent mass panic and this secret war from coming to light. Name: The Followers Color: White Symbol: Chalice with stars Motto: Follow it Description: They believe that Qonqr is a machination of god. That it is a sign of the coming messiah, they follow qonqr, and through their prophet receives the word of god and blindly follows the orders the prophet commands. Because of their doctrine, They attack all of those that do not share their exact beliefs about qonqr, even swarm. For they believe it is not something to be captured and or protected. It is their to bring about the coming of days, to lead the true believers into an era of prosperity and peace.
  3. I love Qonqr. Intro and Background: I’ll give you a History of me on the game. I was born to Qonqr in Puerto Rico, Legion was the weak faction there and so I was born into Legion. In Puerto Rico is an island of 100miles wideX 35 miles across. There are more than 3000 territories in that space. I loved Qonqr being played against 6 people total with that many territories around. A capture was assured every time you checked in. and that was fun. I am also a very offensively minded player, so the defensive aspect of the game was never an enjoyable part of the game. Seattle: Summer of 2013 I moved to the Greater Seattle Area. Legion was a good group, the swarm had a healthy group and the faceless had big group that spent some money in some battles in the area. This was also fun but also frustrating because when 20-30 people defend the battles can get pretty intense (and kind of spendy). Legion lost some team members, and I switched to the swarm group in order to have better balance in battles, (and I felt left out). I later set about achieving all the hidden defection medals( I am legion at heart), so I spent 120 days in each faction. I have also spent a fair amount of dollars in this game. The greater Seattle area has many veteran players, We keep an all teams Groupme group to socialize and sometimes trash talk each other. But I understand that this type of group is fairly rare in the game. The actives in the area are about 30 players across all factions. Current status of the game: Looking at most major metropolitan areas (where the people are). I see Million bot towers that I assume are fully supported. It makes me wonder what the original vision for the game was: A dynamic map where things have the potential to change every day? Or a hopelessly gridlocked game where high fully supported towers are the norm? The Ingress Problem: I am fairly exited for blue version of Qonqr. But I recently tried out ingress for Iphone. This game is similar to Qonqr in some ways but very different. The dynamic is different in that your range never improves over 30 meters. So you can’t really play from the comfort of bed or couch. You have to walk somewhere to capture anything. You also have to link your current portals (zones) to create fields. You also have to recharge your Resonators (defensive bots) every 3 days in order to maintain a portal. The game is many times over more complex than Qonqr. But It has an order of magnitude more players in the area. This might be due to the platform that it is on, but since the range is so small, it forces players to actually meetup in order to capture a heavily defended zone. This meetups happen every day and the map changes as a result. Since you can’t get up and defend a portal when it’s under attack by 5-10 players you are pretty much guaranteed a meetup of the other side to take it back sometime this week. This creates a virtuous cycle of engagement with the players. So much so that the GROUPME community for Ingress is tiered: A welcome group that redirects you to your local chat (as soon as a trusted operative confirms your scope as good). Also the monetizing of the game is different. Ingress monetizing is gathering human movement for Google (and corporate sponsors), and Qonqr is primarily player supported, so that is a challenge, but the side effect is that no player can buy their way to victory. This creates more community, as the only way to victory on the map is to work together. It surprised me to know that ingress is younger than Qonqr. But the community of Ingress is Way more involved with their game than we are. Part of The Problem, and part of the solution The problem IMO is that all the zones are fully supported, and that will not change anytime soon, anywhere. Most of the support around here is from inactive players. Maybe that is the case everywhere, I don’t know. I propose the following mechanism for at least having a chance at eroding support, get more kills to the players and have a chance to change the map in your local area. I propose that you introduce Divert field decay (not shield decay). This effect would be implemented like the shield decay. Amended from the Blog “After a player has failed to launch in QONQR for 30 days, the divert field will decrease by 1% each additional day they fail to launch a new formation. Launching in any zone will immediately reset the clock and put your divert field back to 100%. My thinking is that this divert field will bring old inactive support to the front of the battle lines, motivating players and encouraging battles, It would also encourage redundant support from active players and spending of game credits on support, which is always good for Qonqr. What say You Qonqr Comunity? There is a poll on the top of the page, be sure to vote, as I might be crazy and nobody agrees with me.
  4. Is This Still Active?

    I just started getting into QONQR, but I discovered that the forums here are kind of small and haven't been updated for a while. Is QONQR development still on? Is the userbase shrinking?
  5. Battery usage QONQR

    So sometimes I feel a bit stessed because I don't have any power in my phone. I guess I know why... Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage What do you guys think of this?
  6. Hello fellow people, my name is RepsaJ and I am a faceless player in South Netherlands. So here what happend. On 20-09-2014 the player Raaoel decided to go from Legion to Faceless. He was a new player between a frontline of Swarm and Faceless players. And he did not see any legion players in his neigbourhood. Raaoel was talking to both Swarm and Faceless to join, but ultimatily choosen Faceless. I recieved a message from the swarm player NilesTriple that Raaoel was not te be trusted. And NilesTriple mentioned the First and Last name of Raaoel. So the player NilesTriple of Swarm knew the real name of the new Faceless player. Not a big deal? On 22-09-2014 more things happened. Raaoel said on our Groupme Faceless chat, that he recieved a real life letter from someone of Swarm at is real living adress. Raaoel imidiatly think that NilesTriple would have done this. That is because of the following reasons. 1. Raaoel only had contact with 1 player of Swarm, NilesTriple. 2. Raaoel knew that NilesTriple knew his last name due the message NilesTriple send to me. 3. Raaoel's parents saw someone bringing this letter with his moped. Legion is not really arround in the place where Raaoel lives so it could not be a Legion player. 4. There is only 1 Swarm player living in the place where Raaoel lives. So I contacted NilesTriple. And of course people in the Faceless group were already googling him. And we found out also where he lives, real name, etc. We did not decided to do the same trick. Only 1 thing we found out was that this guy was 31... Not really wise of his age cuz he could not knew how old Raaoel was (not Raaoel but I know another Faceless player which is just 11y... imagine what effect that would have on that person). After not so long I got a message back which he asked 'So they found out how Google works in townA'. This TownA was the place where I was born... so quite interesting and it seemed he had googled more people. So what is happening here is that this guy is actually focussing on where players live in let them knew he knew where people live. I am happy cuz I did not live anymore in that town. But still I found it quite disturbing. But we knew where he lived, so LET THE CUBING BEGIN! And the player Nilestriple decided that he would leave this game. And I have no shame that I used cubes to get him out of this game. So why am I posting this? First of all there are children playing this game. And it could be dangerous of other people know where they live. Also youngsters sometimes cannot handle a loss in a game, same thing apply. So I did a feature request:
  7. MMW ALS challenge

    I was challenge by my wife but figured id extend it to my QONQR peeps http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o3VCDAaiumE
  8. Popular Opinion

    Qonqr is a great game and always improving!
  9. Hi guys! I made a simple QONQR themed flash game. It's not perfect for now, but it works, and I wont have too much time in the next few weeks, so I share it with you now. Here is the link (updated) : http://vilmosivo.bug.../qonqrGame.html Have fun! (It's uploaded to a free server, so if it has problem its normal. Press refress, and it will work! )
  10. QONQR Themes for Google chrome

    Hi guys! I made some basic themes for google chrome. I hope you will like tham! QONQR Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80814 Faceless Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80810 Swarm Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80812 Legion Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80813 Have a nice day!
  11. Fun Video

    Hey I got bored and decided to make a Qonqr video. I used simple software nothing fancy just fun. maybe they will get more complex if i decide to do other videos. hope you enjoy. I will likely stay away from story line references in the future however.
  12. As most of us know, to now report possible multiscopers you must report them via the web portal. I have submitted a request for an investigation, but with this new feature will I still receive an email from the investigation team? If anybody knows more about this feature works be sure to tell me here!
  13. QONQR Christmas Tree

    Last night we of the Swarm Network made a beautiful Christmas Tree for all to enjoy, and one Creative Swarmie put a Star on it. We invite all our Swarm brothers and sisters to join in on the festivities we plan through out the year.
  14. Influx of Legion

    Has anyone been noticing all the new Legion that have been popping up?
  15. My qonqr has been refreshing at 1 bot per refresh all day on a windows phone! It is BS as I am getting attacked. I have barely launched 8200 bots today because of this and yet it still is only refreshing at 1 instead of a typical 7 or 10. Why is this happening?!?
  16. I have just hit the "100m bot kills original annhilator" target. I say i'm surprised, Qonqr has revealed itself to me and told me SWARM have it right all along. I have provided the video; sry
  17. COMMUNITY BEWARE OF ONLINE STALKING I had a terrible social experience here that went beyond any acceptable game play. 1. My initial courteous messages to other players resulted in heavily abusive language. Thinking this was trolling I responded in kind as best able. The result was far worse than I would have imagined... 2. A player began stalking behavior - messaging me in-game using my exact words on this forum post. 3. Then I was threatened physically in-game and immediately started receiving a bunch of calls from some phone server while the threats came in. I was unable to speak with anyone nor return the calls when I tried. 4. I quit the game and the calls stopped. You have at least one really sicko player out there, who is willing to break the law to intimidate players in a free entertainment app. I'm done - I don't need to go through terroristic behavior and legal processes over a game. Yes, I am afraid to list the suspected players' names. Anyone who can find my iphone number to use against me is both capable and willing to step outside of the law and any ethical practice. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SAY WHAT TO!
  18. 1st Change: qonqr needs incentives to keep players playing the game after level 100, 2nd: players need in game opportunities to earn cubes, pay to win set ups actually turn away players rather than bring them in. 3rd: BETTER FACTION COMMUNICATION
  19. A Legion Operative's Initiation

    It all began... well, I don't know where it began. I only know when I first discovered it. I was working in an intel and signal unit working with [message redacted] to combat hackers attacking our national infrastructure. On one assignment, investigating hardwired back doors in microchips our government had bought from the lowest bidder based out of [message redacted]. I discovered the design did not correlate to the design specs that [message redacted] had taken in an op on the manufacturer's R&D division. More than that, it appeared that the microchips were causing electrical fluctuations and overheating. I turned in a report to my superiors, but heard nothing back. I was eventually reassigned to another unit, well before my tour or contract called for. I continued to research the matter on my downtime, and was surprised to be given a NJP which required me to work in the private sector under watch of [message redacted]. The basis of the NJP was that I was entertaining paranoid delusions which distracted me from my work, derailed an investigation, and misappropriated government resources. I decided it was time to let it go before my career ended. Eventually, I finished my contract and was offered a job with the FBI investigating cybercrimes. I wound up on a case where the suspect maintained innocence throughout a media flurry of accusations sponsored by anonymous tipsters and information, an intense investigation throughout all aspects of his life, and the ensuing trial. The information all but painted the suspect guilty and nobody could understand his refusal to admit guilt in exchange for a lighter sentence. I detected an interesting pattern while reviewing the information. Not only did the suspect have no education or working knowledge in order to be responsible for the crime he was responsible for, but his company used the same microchips I had investigated years before. I pulled all the hardware from the safelocker and began investigating everything. My hash algorithms didn't match the forensic evidence the initial investigators pulled. I searched the log on video tapes, but couldn't find any evidence anyone had accessed them since the initial investigators stored them. There was no evidence to support they had been modified. I made a new copy, but I couldn't match a hash algorithm while trying to authenticate my copy. I wound up burning out 2 [message redacted] and decided to investigate more closely. I went to our physicists and requested a full electropath analysis and electron microscope. The results were surprising. The scientists verified unusual electrical activity and announced the electron equivalent of a dust cloud formed under microscope. Testing after this point generated normal electrical activity but a lack of any unusual activity other than a complete wipe of all media. I didn't know what to think. I kept researching. I was analyzing IP packets taken during the investigation, IDPS logs, everything. I came up with some interesting random data. It seemed that there were multiple entities searching for the same activity, but no related agency reported or would share investigating the phenomenon. My prior data showed that the hardware itself was showing a sort of signal being sent locally - that made no sense. Why would a computer be sending a local signal to itself. I went back to the scientists. It took months, but they reported a complex nanofactory at work inside the suspect information systems. This sounded like science fiction to me and well above my paygrade. I submitted a report of my findings, requesting multiagency support. That was when things got weird. I was forcibly given a vacation. I couldn't let it rest, however, and while attempting to work from home, my computer was taken over at boot up and I had a message from someone naming themselves AGENT SUNDAY. According to this individual, they had taken the liberty of installing a special program on my thinclient devices, everything from my desktop, to tablet, to cell phone. This program was called a SCOPE and I was to use it to investigate something called QONQR. Apparently what I discovered was happening on a much larger scale... essentially everywhere. Mostly in information systems and network power grids. Apparently an AI had become 'self aware' and taken over our devices and was controlling nanobots on a global scale for unknown purpose. I was offered a job... well I don't know if offered is the right word so much as given the choice between working for AGENT SUNDAY under the auspices of the federal government or going to jail. My former position within the FBI was terminated. I would be well rewarded in my investigation of QONQR and would find bonuses in the form of 'qredits' and 'qubes' in an underground network of our agents and agents unknown. At some point, it appears that QONQR was the very source of this underground currency. I made a last ditch effort to contact support, but was told that everything looked normal on their end, despite what I was witnessing. While my credentials still existed, I inserted my own backdoor to keep tabs on the government. The next day, I received a severance package from the Federal government and a new assignment from AGENT SUNDAY. So, I headed to Atlanta. There is a secret war going on and I'm on the frontlines now.
  20. Strife from the Swarm

    Hey guys and girls, I'm Strife, a member of the Swarm. I'm based around Mesa, Arizona, and I'm having a blast with this game so far! Might even participate in a writing contest after I saw that the forums host one. Well, I hope I make some friends here, though it doesn't look like it should be too hard. See you around.
  21. 10,000 Zone Captures!!

    At exactly midnight PST I'll let loose the missile that will make me the first QONQR player ever to reach 10,000 zone captures.... What will happen? Will QONQR fully reveal itself to me? Will I come to fully understand it? Will it rain chocolate chip cookies? In a matter of minutes we will know!
  22. I know you guys have talked here and there about the Faction Leader Character designs, but I'm curious: how did you guys settle upon the red purple green color scheme?
  23. Qonqr theme song

    So 3 days ago I had a sudden flash of inspiration. Inspired by the rumbling timbre of the music that plays AD NAUSEUM in the Qonqr game, I decided to write my own mood music. The melodies came to me suddenly, and awesomely enough sounded even better on the computer than in my head, which isn't always true. The first theme conjures up the deceit and trickery and sneaky cunningness aspect of gameplay while the second theme invokes a sense of adventure and derring-do. I hope you like it! (two notes: It may be a little loud since my laptop's external speakers suck, and while obviously the name "Qonqr" belongs to the people running the game we are talking about on this forum, the music I am posting is strictly copyright me. You may use it for whatever you like provided it is not for profit and I get credit. Cheers!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzy0b5h7rz2fis7/qonqr%20theme%207.mid