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Found 7 results

  1. QONQR Story Contest!

    Hey everyone! We're excited to kick off a story contest here on the Forums. We've got some great prizes and we think this should be a lot of fun. Here are the details: Write a story about you and your Faction Leader and win awesome prizes! We want you to come up with a totally awesome (but brief) story about an interaction between you and your Faction Leader. Maybe it's when your faction leader first recruited you, maybe it's the story of a particularly daring raid you were on together, or perhaps a memorably funny exchange you had about those losers in the other factions. Whatever the case, submit your best stories to the forums before 10pm Central Time, August 31st, 2012. Team QONQR will pick our favorite three stories and award the following prizes: 1st Place: Your story and you become a part of the QONQR Canon! You will become one of your faction leader's right-hand men/women and depictions of you will show up in future storylines. 100 Power Cubes A QONQR T-shirt 2nd Place: 50 Power Cubes A QONQR T-shirt 3rd Place: 25 Power Cubes A QONQR T-shirt RULES AND ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Stories must be posted to the Fan Fiction Forum and tagged with the StoryContest tag The Deadline for this contest is 10pm Central Time, August 31st, 2012. Stories submitted after that time will not be considered for the contest. Try to keep stories under 500 words. Longer stories will not be disqualified, but shorter is better. Story format is open, as long as it can be posted to the QONQR Forums. Prose, poetry, screenplays, comics, etc. are all eligible. Multiple submissions are permitted, but a single person cannot win more than one of the prizes. By submitting these stories, you give QONQR LLC the right to use them for any purpose. (That's right - you might wind up in a QONQR storyline even if you don't take first place!) Story contents cannot be offensive. Keep it PG-13 folks. We've got kids who play. In the event where Team QONQR cannot decide between two stories, the award will go to the entry with the most "likes". So get your friends to log in and like your post! Have fun everyone! We can't wait to read your stories!
  2. Training // Story Contest

    Her voice rang out through the nearly empty warehouse, each word precise and clipped. “Next scenario: your forces and Legion forces are laid out like you see on your simulator.” I looked down to see a red mass and a green mass, overlaid on the map of a nearby city street. I’d been told that these nanobots weren’t actually there; my scope had been set to a simulator mode to demonstrate the different formations of nanobots. I looked back up as the woman continued. “You have enough energy for one deployment, Frost. Which will most efficiently destroy the Legion forces, and make sure that you control the zone?” I pressed my lips tightly together as I regarded my scope. I’d been drilled for countless hours over the past week regarding different formations of ‘bots, their strengths, their weaknesses, formations that they countered, formations that countered them…it was a mental trial by fire. “I’d have to say Seekers, Dr. Nagumo. They seem like the most effective…” I trailed off as she closed her eyes and began shaking her head. “Seekers, Frost? QONQR preserve us, there’s no way Seekers would be effective in a situation like this. You’d need-“ “Why not?” I interrupted, ever the inquiring student. “Look, the Legion forces are thin here, here, and here.” I tapped each location, highlighting them on both of our scopes. “Seekers can punch through each of those sections, dividing their forces and making them easy pickings.” Dr. Kimyo Nagumo sat down in the only other chain in the room and eyed me with a thoughtful amusement. “Alright, then. You send out Seekers. How thick is the shielding on a Seeker formation?” I screwed up my face, dredging up a number from a vast sea of information that had been thrown at me. “On Seekers, about 15 nanometers. But that’s-” “And if you look up what the Legion has deployed, what do you see?” I checked my scope, bringing up the available data on the enemy ‘bots. Formations and numbers jumped out at me, and I gritted my teeth as I felt my face flush. The Shockwave ‘bots that the Legion had deployed were meant for intense frontline combat, and they could cut through the shielding on my Seekers like it was wet tissue paper. “Shockwave, Dr. Nagumo.” “Shockwave, Frost. You assumed the Legion was using simple Assault nanobots, and so you sent Seekers. Glass cannons that would not only be very ineffective, but could weaken the position of the rest of your existing forces.” She stood again, circling the chair and putting her back to me. “If you’re ever going to run an op with me, you have to recognize these things. I know there’s a lot to learn. I know it’s complicated, and I know you’ve been dropped into this with practically no warning.” Her posture straightened, and she turned to face me. “But you will learn it, and you will become one of the best agents we’ve ever had, and you will protect QONQR.” “Of course I will, Doctor. That’s why I’m here!” I stood, and even though I was taller than her by a good foot and a half, I still felt intimidated by her presence. “Very good, Frost.” She turned and walked towards the door on the far wall. I sighed, and sat down again, staring at my scope. I had a long way to go. “Oh, and one more thing.” Her voice filled the room as she spoke without turning around. “If those had been Assault nanobots, Seekers would have been the perfect choice.” I grinned. One step closer.
  3. Deathstrike Meets Prometheus

    Deathstrike had never encountered anything like this before. Having studied numerous coding languages and techniques throughout his 26 years, he still couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Encrypted subroutines.." he muttered to himself as he tapped in commands to clarify what he thought was on the screen. A frown briefly passed over his brow as he typed in more commands. He was used to being able to see exactly what was going through his local stretch of Internet, and today was no exception, with one minor problem. He found two streams of data that were heavily encoded. With another command, he sent tracing packets to try and find the origins of these signals. His terminal showed one to be originating from far overseas through a western European gateway, but the other was the cause for alarm. It was coming from his own PC. Deathstrike was used to unencrypting data streams such as security camera feeds and other assets commonly sent through the Internet, so he got to work. "Just a few more commands", he whispered to himself, fingers working the keys with machine-gun like intensity. Just as he was sure he was going to decompile the code in this signal and see what it was all about, his terminal (which was usually black with green letters) showed a checkerboard pattern of 256 different colors for a few seconds. All of a sudden, in bold white letters and a black background the word QONQR appeared. Then his terminal flashed again, and went quiet. "What the heck!" exclaimed Deathstrike... His computer was only supposed to turn off when he told it to. "What in the world is QONQR?", he asked himself, "and who's the European **** who put it in my system". As he restarted his computer, he received the message "please insert boot disk". His hard drive was fried. Feeling unsettled and unsafe, Deathstrike took his wi-fi hotspot and Linux hacked IPad for a walk. Sitting in the park under a tree, he began to try and trace the signal that originated in europe. "Well, I don't see any... Ah here we go... Wait.. What?". It seemed a signal with similar identifiers was visible from his device, but it seemed to be originating in Laos through a west coast gateway.. He immediately realized he was being played, the signal was probably coming from way closer. "I can use other methods to track this guy..." said Deathstrike to himself as he modified a few lines of his GPS tracking program to include the identifiers noted in his previous attempts to trace. As he initiated the search sequence, his scope buzzed. He answered with a short "yep". "Greeting's Deathstrike. It is not every day we encounter a hacker of your skill level, I'd like you to work with me, for the greater good of course" "Who the **** are you" said Deathstrike. The voice replied, "I live in the pulses of current that control the world around you. I am known by name to a select few, those that know call me Prometheus. Now let me tell you what I need from you. I have been tracking a code sequence that has been popping up everywhere, seemingly with a mind of it's own. My men and I have checked every key log from every machine that carries the code sequence, and have turned up no proof of it being initiated by a person." Deathstrike inturrupted "Computer programs don't just show up out of nowhere, someone has to write them man". Prometheus replied "This is just one of the many oddities my team has recorded with this entity. The event experienced by you this morning was another such oddity. Although we are able to analyze and interpret some parts of the code, replicating such an intelligence eludes us. Your pc failure today was an attempt by us to start a new localized and controlled version of the entity, in hopes of studying and learning more from it. Your hardware was the only one in the neighborhood who could compile a program of that magnitude, but alas something went wrong." "Wrong!?! Ya think?" exclaimed Deathstrike with an edge in his voice "You guys owe me a tower!" Prometheus cleared his throat and went on to say "All of the resources you need will be made available to you, should you choose to work for us." "I accept." said Deathstrike quickly, thinking he could at least get a free updated computer out of this. Deathstrike heard a beep from his tablet, it read "GPS TRACK COMPLETE", as Prometheus said "Very well then, I will contact you with details of your first assignment shortly, good day" -click-. Deathstrike shook his head at the bizarre interchange, and tapped "SHOW RESULTS" on his screen. "What the.." The GPS tracker was showing his target to be less than fifty meters away, right in front of him! As he looked up, a black Lincoln Navigator which had been idling across the park shifted into gear and drove off easily. Deathstrike's head was psyched out, and even then, he had no idea how serious this journey would turn out to be.
  4. Revelation // StoryContest

    “Psst! Frost! Where are you going? I told you left after the alley!” Of course I should have turned left. I checked my scope and sprinted back to the voice I just heard. Crouched halfway down the alley was a small woman, dressed in combat boots and cargo pants. A pulse pistol was holstered at her side, and her green-tipped black hair swung around her face as she watched the alley behind me, her nervousness clear. “What are you doing?” she hissed at me, trying to keep her voice low. “Do you want the entire Legion after us?” “The entire Legion is after us.” I snorted, checking my scope and hoping for a miracle. I didn’t get one. The thing was still getting hotter, and my green force had been reduced to a few straggling points. Less than useless against the red horde that was after us. I looked up at Kimyo, and her expression wasn’t exactly hopeful. “I’ve got a ton of them at my back,” she breathed. She’d been running as hard as I had. “Please tell me you found another way out of here.” My stomach dropped, and it must have shown on my face, because Kimyo blanched. That was it, then. We were surrounded. A look at our scopes confirmed it; an entire red field encircled our position. Face white with fear, Kimyo pulled her pistol, but unless actual agents showed themselves, we both knew it was pointless. “Kimyo…” I started. “No!” she snapped “I already know what you’re thinking, so stop thinking about it. I can feel the heat coming off your scope from here.” She looked around again, like she was trying to spot the advancing nanobots. “I have to!” I nearly screamed. “What choice do I have? The Legion is kicking down our door and we can’t afford to lose you!” Kimyo rounded on me, rage and fear mixing in her eyes. “I swear to QONQR, Frost, if you overburn your scope I will find a way to reanimate your mind and then beat you senseless!” I gritted my teeth and shook my head. She knew I didn’t care. I had to save her; our leader and our hope. I was just a grunt. I moved my finger to the button. “What…” I heard Kimyo breathe. It wasn’t the sound I was expecting, and I looked up at her. She was mesmerized by something on her scope, and I switched my view. The red tide had…stopped. Just formed a perfect circle around our location. I glanced up and Kimyo, whose face probably held the same wonderment mine did. “It’s a trick!” I said, refreshing the view on my scope. Nothing changed. “It’s the Legion, trying to –“ “It’s QONQR.” Kimyo whispered. “QONQR has saved us…” She rose, all grace and confidence, and glided out into the street. “Kimyo! What are you-“ the words died in my throat as I saw what was happening on my scope. The red circle was following her, surrounding her but never advancing. I scrambled to my feet to follow her, still waiting to feel the mental lash of the nanobots’ attack on my scope. Nothing. I tried again. “What the heck is going on, Kimyo? This isn’t normal!” Kimyo turned to me, a smile wide on her face and tears running down her cheeks. “It’s QONQR.”
  5. Run

    Don't stop running. Don't look back. Prometheus is grinning. ... I almost didn't see it. I should've been so lucky. Perhaps I burned one too many firewalls. Perhaps I pwned the the wrong file. But I should have know better than "cat qonqr" Filesystems are all the same. The more secure they are, the less they change. Smaller footprint, eh? So when I found /dev/qonqr, I had to look again. qrw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 17, 0 19 Jan 2038 /dev/qonqr It's not often you find a 'q' device. From the future. I could have walked away at that point. I could have reset the cron table, smoothed the security log, loosed the mach queue... Who am I kidding? Once I had seen qonqr, Prometheus had seen me. My one-way private key tunnel didn't slow it down at all. Qonqr surfed into my system on the back of an ack. I recognised the bootstrap loader of the Universal Turing Machine, but before I could break the tape, qonqr had my terminal, my machine, and my entire bot network. And Prometheus had me. "All your base are belong to us" He has a way with words. My screen didn't have a chance. Qonqr had seeded a Garden-of-Eden pixel automata in the terminal. Unicode fell to the untrammelled tumolt of wild pseudo-code, as sprites broke free of the z-buffer and liquid crystal ran free. I fell back in horror from the workstation. A writhing, sickly mass of unbounded dimensions floundered in blind hunger, groaning and gawping and yawning for... me. "This way. I am your only hope" A shadowy figure stood beside me, face hidden by a cowl, arms gesturing widely, inscribing logograms of warding; a lambda calculus of eldritch computation. The anonymous functors glowed brightly as atomic bindings engaged and constrained Qonqr. "I am Prometheus" His voice echoed deeped in my head, triggering my cochlear implant directly. I recognised the familiar timbre of sub-synthesised text, but with an emotional markup. He was enjoying himself. "Qonqr is mine. Sunday fears it, Nagumo loves it. But Faceless will control it." Prometheus was programming the very aether, blocking and burying Qonqr in an impenetrable wall of NP constraints. "I can't hold Qonqr yet, but you are one of us now, one of the Unheralded, one of the Faceless." And he turned to look at me, and I gazed into the terrible emptiness of his hood, a mask of plasma grid. From the ruins of my terminal, Qonqr flared in a last, desparate bid to eclipse Prometheus. A swarm of fractal infinitesimals forced a loose geometry, and burst through the unguarded parallel. Prometheus was thrown sideways to the ground. His face lit up with pixelled delight at the contest. ; ) "Run"
  6. Nigel shook his head. “You leave the server vulnerable…to recruit those that hack it? I’m not actually in trouble?” “Technically, no. Technically, you’re not speaking to me here, and technically, we haven’t turned off the program on your recording program on your phone.” Nigel blushed, showing the phone concealed in his palm, yet the recruiter continued. “It’s okay, everyone tries it. The First doesn’t really like being recorded, though, for obvious reasons.” Nigel’s thoughts diverged, part of him still present and talking to the recruiter slash fake policeman, the other wondering if ‘the First’ was Prometheus. Is Prometheus a person, or just a myth? Is that why I’m here? The recruiter stood up from the table, the dim light from above barely enough to read the papers sitting before him. “I’ll be back shortly, Nigel. It seems part of your psych report wasn’t provided.” Psych report?, Nigel thought as the other man left the room. Maybe I’m in over my head. I should leave; this is getting a bit weird. Standing up, Nigel pushed his chair in, turned to leave the room, only to come face to face with someone in a dark, hooded sweatshirt, face cloaked entirely in black. That is, until the LEDs on their face lit the shapes two eyes and a flat mouth, slightly upturned in a smirk. What the… “Hello Nigel.” The voice was neither male nor female, nor seemed to come from the being in front of him, but rather…from the phone still in his hand? A gloved hand reached out towards him, causing Nigel to take a step backwards until he realized what was happening. It wants to shake my hand? Wary of the situation, Nigel squeamishly lifted his hand, shaking the one offered to him. “I am Prometheus,” spoke the voice from his phone. The LED eyes formed two upwards pointing ‘v’s, the smirk turning to a smile. Nigel felt his blood pressure drop, and flecks of darkness danced in his vision. This…is Prometheus? I don’t even… The door behind Nigel opened, the recruiter walking in, worry showing on his face. “There’s a situation. They’ve begun testing the nanobot binding process on unwilling hosts at a new location.” Prometheus’ face flashed brightly to annoyance, then to anger. Nodding curtly to Nigel, Prometheus left the room through the open door, closing it as he left. Nigel sat back down in his chair, still unsure of the situation. “Listen, Nigel…it’s complicated, but you wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want you here. We need more people like you. Desperately need, in fact.” Nigel shook his head. “How does this work, though? What….what is Prometheus?” “Prometheus is our leader - which you knew before you entered this room. What you didn’t know is that Prometheus was the first to try to hack into the nanobots, trying to further humanity through the theft of technology. The punishment was severe. Prometheus is…more than human.” Nigel closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m in.”
  7. If you had told me, a month ago that I would be fighting in a global war for the fate of the AI, QONQR, I would of told you, you were a nut job, but after you how I became a member of the Swarm, I am certain, you will tell me the same. After hearing rumors about groups of hackers, that simply called themselves "The Faceless", that were starting to show themselves around the major cities of Australia, I started to become concerned, Who were they? What were they trying to accomplish? What happens if they manage to find their way into my hometown? It was not easy, but I managed to find out about the war for QONQR and the 3 factions. At that point I didn't realise my computer was being monitored, until I heard a bang at my front. I walked over, hesitant as it was late and no one I knew was ever up this late in my town, pecking out of the front window, I saw her, Dr. Kimyo Nagumo, after a quick gesture to let her in, she pushed me out of the way, turned off the lights and locked the door behind her. The long silents was broken by Dr. Nagumo letting out a sigh of relief, "Are you ok?..." I asked not really knowing what to do in a situation like this, it took a while but she finally replied with "For now, thanks, do you think I could get a drink of water, please? It's been a long day..." "Ahhh, yeah, sure of course, am I able to turn on a light, I can't see in the dark" After Kimyo had relaxed a little, she told me that I was being watched by The Faceless, they were intending to recruit me to their cause. Dr. Nagumo had noticed the growing Faceless population in Australia, so she had personally come to the country to see if she could recruit anyone near the major cities. After being found by the faceless in Melbourne, Dr. Nagumo came out to neutral territory, where she caught wind of me looking deeper into the war, sensing that it would be valuable to have Swarm influence in the rural regions in order to combat the growing Faceless, she went out of her way to find where I was. After a long discussion, I took up Kimyo's offer of joining The Swarm. "Take out your phone please" said Dr. Nagumo, "I need to install The Scope on your phone, so you know what's going in the war" I handed over my phone and watched as she started to install The Scope, after it was installed, she then gave me an explanation of how to use to it and how to install it myself, if I get a recruit. There was a blinding light and the sound of a car screeching out the front of my house, Dr. Nagumo then proceeded to finish off what was left of the water I had given her, "Thank you for your hospitality Spideyy10, but I have been here too long and I have put at risk of being found by The Legion or The Faceless. Before I go, remember to watch your back and keep safe." She got up and ran out the door, she must of seen the look the on my face, because before she got into the vehicle she said "Don't worry, I'm sure we will met again, Welcome to The Swarm Spideyy10! Good luck, we're counting on you!" And with that they vanished into the night, I stood there for a while, wondering if it was just a dream, I looked down at my phone, The Scope was still on, I lunch my first formation at that point and placed my first base, before turning around and walking inside, my mind racing. I have been fighting for The Swarm ever since, we have come along way since then, we are at equal power with The Faceless and have almost pushed their influents out of Melbourne, my home town and the surrounding areas are safe and we have not had any trouble with The Legion. I haven't seen or heard from Dr. Nagumo since the night she recruited me, but since more people have joined The Swarm, I haven't had any major issues. Though, it would be nice to see her again, perhaps in the the near future she could answer a few questions for me, only time will tell.