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Found 4 results

  1. Swarm UK Logo

    Thought I'd spend some time designing a logo. I'm pleased with this first attempt, and it didn't take me long. I had to convert the original file from .PNG to .JPEG , so the quality isn't as good.
  2. Monopoly

    Just to say that Swarm in the UK have been having fun recently playing a friendly game of monopoly with Legion. However, I'm not sure if they knew they were playing. Faceless also seemed to want in halfway through. It appears that swarm has bought up most the properties now and built hotels on them, but at least we offer free parking and community chests. I look forward to a rematch. Operation Monopoly has been going on for over a month now. Unfortunately not all the places on the monopoly board are on the qonqr maps, so we had to adapt it to the next most desirable maps. Sorry guys, I know you wanted a board but there are copyright things stopping me, but I did knock up a quick one. When I have the time ill create one later, but for now lets lets see what the area concerned looks like. On a further note, I've been told to inform you that City of London is not the capital, but we will take it anyway.
  3. New Swarm in South West UK

    Hey there, I'm a new Swarm member in the UK, there seem to be a lot of swarm already where I am but hey I'm sure I can find someone to fight
  4. surrounded swarm uk

    Lonely swarm surrounded by legion and faceless in northwest UK Get ready to start losing control this is my back yard lol