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Found 1 result

  1. I really just wanted to join the trend of folks telling everyone what they are doing when it comes to this game. It was a really hard decision that I struggled with for seconds….and I spent most of that time debating it (with myself). I even talked to myself about how much of an impact this news would have, not only on the community, but on the Devs themselves. “Monumental” was the word I decided to use in my head. The decision? I’m still playing…..same as yesterday….. “Tears of joy” are currently streaming down the faces of my loyal fans! Those who feel this was a poor decision, please spend the rest of the day responding with inane argument after inane argument (or join the ever popular trend of whining). Everyone else who doesn’t want to waste time with that, please feel free to toss missiles at any of my properties. Oh…and Devs….thanks for the game…..regardless of the loud whine going about in the forums….most of us are happy with the game and glad for some new developments. P.S. Go Falcons!