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Found 1 result

  1. Additional Factions

    Not sure if this would go here or in feature requests, considering that its probably not something that would ever be implemented, but thought the ideas should be shared anyway, hence here lol. anyway, me and a few friends thought of how cool it would be if there were other factions in addition to the three already in play. I haven't come up with a leader or representative for each faction for that would really take some in depth thought and extra creative thought as to who would be suited for such a role, a fictional character or a real one? Or how shall I make a reference to something related in real life? Anyway, Here they are: Name: Outsiders Color: Blue Symbol: Generic Alien head Motto: Acquire it Description: They've come to earth, following the unmistakable signal of Qonqr through space and time, they've come for its technological power, and since alien technology is already advanced, they've come armed with the nanobot technology to take control of qonqr, defeat their human adversaries and subjugate earth. They already have an understanding of its components yet have no desire to hack it, they seem to want to acquire it. Any more than that is unknown due to inability to communicate. And people who join that faction aren't necessarily aliens. They're human sympathizers or those trying to secure a high rank for the inevitable take over. Or even prisoners forced to deploy against their will through slave collar technology. Name: The UN Color: Gold Symbol: Earth Motto: Secure it Description: They believe it could potentially be dangerous to use, but too important to destroy, and that it should be kept from the hands that would use it for their own ends. It should be captured and locked away in the deepest vault for good until a true solution can be reached, or the mysteries surrounding qonqr and everything about it are uncovered. The members are mainly approved volunteers, civilian contractors, and high clearance military personnel, to use nanobot technology to try to aid the effort to capture, conceal, and secure the situation and prevent mass panic and this secret war from coming to light. Name: The Followers Color: White Symbol: Chalice with stars Motto: Follow it Description: They believe that Qonqr is a machination of god. That it is a sign of the coming messiah, they follow qonqr, and through their prophet receives the word of god and blindly follows the orders the prophet commands. Because of their doctrine, They attack all of those that do not share their exact beliefs about qonqr, even swarm. For they believe it is not something to be captured and or protected. It is their to bring about the coming of days, to lead the true believers into an era of prosperity and peace.