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Found 15 results

  1. ...has got to be one of the funniest moments I've seen in qonqr yet lol.
  2. It seems like not that long ago, winning Atlantis would allow your bases to harvest up to 200%, and soon after the battle ended you'd get a message in your Personal Wire informing you of your efforts and giving you a lump sum of credits for said efforts. With QONQR Blue having been launched and needing credits to upgrade my scope once more, I definitely wanted those boons this month. I was surprised however when my bases only harvested up to 100%, instead of the expected 200%. Not did I get a message in my Personal Wire granting me a lump sum of credits. Have these features been done away with, or is it just that the bases fill faster with the Atlantis boon? Otherwise, I no longer see the point in Atlantis. Can anyone offer up some useful information. Also, a sticky regarding Atlantis would be nice, as I was unable to find one with relevant info.
  3. Sore Losing?

    You win some....you lose some..... .....and then you boycott.
  4. Can't deploy?

    I'm trying to deploy in the Atlantis grunt zone (level 68), but it's saying I can't since I've used a bot or energy refresh, but I haven't used either of those.
  5. As Silver and I mentioned in our Thank You video we posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Qonqr we need some feedback on what to do with Atlantis from here. Please post your ideas here. Thank you.
  6. Oh my..... now the so called atlantis legends swarms are starting to boycott atlantis. Oh my... Oh my goodness. I knew it was coming after all it had to happen sometime sooner or later. Eventually they are getting why faceless boycott some time ago. It is really the case to look through. I mean just tell me how one can stick with the same old boring atlantis for such a long time huh? I know devs aren't working on cool atlantis updates are they? And With some LIMITED medals only, people are getting more and more reluctant with the time. No improvements, Nothing fancy about atlantis... I believe The Law of equi-marginal utility applies here. Every time I see is that the satisfaction of people are diminishing with the additional boring Atlantises. I ain't smoking stuff a lot with my small mouth but begging for further improvements and addition of various medals and awards as well as rank titles. Thank you in advance
  7. I would like to have the ability to fire upon The Democratic (Cough-Cough) People's Republic of Korea and my (tongue-in-cheek) favorite Supreme Ruler and Dictator: Kim Jong-un. I vote that the first Atlantis of 2015 to be ceremoniously centered on The Capitol City of North Korea: Pyongyang. Since I can think of no other was I can strike Pyongyang directly, making it the site of Atlantis would provide a way for all QONQR Factions to "Interview" that wacko for ourselves. I'm sure we can disrupt some of the operations of Unit 121 in Solidarity. Anyone else second the notion?
  8. Green Screen Ideas

    Please share your ideas for the use of the green screen here. Thank you.
  9. Stoppable Force

    To quote another topic that dings90 started; "OK, it is now proven that Faceless is an unstoppable force. Sorry, had to be said. I'm ready for all the cubing comments, but I saw plenty of cubes being utilized by the losing 2 factions as well. We also can say we beat you both since you double teamed us for a good portion of the battle. We have nothing more to prove!" Wow the swarm won this Atlantis even though we were getting double teamed . But seriously great work swarm.
  10. So I don't hop on to the forum much anymore, aside from real life busyness and whatnot, I have my QONQR friends on Groupme, but I did tonight for some reason. Holy cheeseballs. It's even worse than I remember. The arguments. The baiting. The flaming. The ickyness. Guys and gals...THIS IS A GAME WE PLAY ON OUR CELLPHONES. I'm fortunate to have met a ton of people through QONQR, many of whom I consider good friends and a few whom I've met and have become good "real-life" friends. Many have been Faceless, as that is my faction. Many others are Swarm, and even Legion (to any who don't know, I'm pretty Swarm-friendly, at least locally. Legion...well I like to kill red bots). Anyways...I guess I just want to say, regardless of faction, do you guys realize after a point how petty this all is? I get not getting along with particular personalities, I don't get along with everyone. But for goodness sakes, "They're on a different faction, I have to despise them at a personal level"...STOP. I guarantee all the keyboard jockeys wouldn't act this way face-to-face with your WORST Qonqr enemies. Heck, for any who remember my "beef" with Tetra, no matter how it continues, I met the guy IRL, it went fine. We talked like civilized human beings. Here's a simple rule in life. Don't be an ***. If someone else is an *** to you, try being nice. You may actually diffuse their ***-ness. This thread isn't about any sort of action in the game. In the end none of that matters. See the big bold italicized line. Atlantis, mercs, cubes, whatever. It doesn't matter. You want to play the game with different goals than me, fine. That doesn't make me soft, it doesn't mean I won't fight you in-game. Unlike quite a few, it seems, I keep a distinction between my playing goals, and my social goals. I can have a civilized conversation with a red or green while we duke it out over a zone. Try it someday. It's way more fun than being butthurt. If any of my Faceless faction mates have a problem with me being social with other factions, let me address it now. I'm in CEL. I'm in GPF. Yes, that's right, both. I can also say with nearly full certainty that I've been Faceless longer than you have. Feel free to check that out, if you like. I always have been. I'm in CEL, but in the last Atlantis won by Faceless, 99% of my action was fighting Swarm. It was necessary. I'm in GPF, but I have no defections. I'm willing to talk and socialize with anyone who's not a giant Richard. In game, I am Faceless. Always have been. Always will be. Outside of that wonderfull app we all play, I am a human being. We all are. So ffs, everyone take a giant chill pill and act like it. If you can't understand socializing with in-game enemies about non-game subjects, then I'm terribly sorry about how you lost all your friends after that one time playing Mario Kart or Battlefield competitively, and I feel for you about your disownment when you played ping-pong against your parents. (commence angry replies and all that in 3...2...1...)
  11. Join the dots

    I wonder.... 1. Faceless lot less active in Atlantis this time (claiming boycott). 2. Last week Devs advise emulators shut down (great work devs a massive blight on the game) join the dots - faceless running mass emulators to have the numbers (suits the hacking style I suppose) and now have to deal with just 1 scope like the rest of us (or are madly buying other devices etc to recreate accounts). Only Devs know just how many emulator accounts they shut down but would be an interesting stat. Interesting also that facelss have soooo few grunts this time around - yes they will actual have to recruit like the rest of us rather than create grunts.
  12. After playing several Atlantis rounds, I've realized some things in the macro sense of the word. The most obvious on is that the legion of the world are no where near as badass as the ones we deal with on the East Coast. This round it is obvious that Legion has again struck an agreement with Swarm. There is no swarm-legion activity going on short of Swarm retaking Kalkin for Legion. On the other hand, the Swarm of the world are much more ruthless than the small sect we have on the East Coast. They have numbers, cubers and a willingness to kill that I'm just not used to seeing from Swarm around me. There seems to be an impressive level of cooperation and coordination amongst themselves. And I'm gonna call us out too. The Faceless of the world struggle to get organized just as much as we do on the East Coast. It's like being an ADD kid and trying to keep your binder organized at school. Everyone is super interested in becoming organized under excellent leadership, but the rubber just never meets the road. I've been enjoying this round more than ever, it's been an awesome chance to come together and meet people from half a dozen new countries. This is now the most international thing I've ever had my hand in and I love it. I mean no disrespect by anything I've said above, merely sharing my observations about the Qonqrverse. I encourage everyone else to post their findings as well (without getting out the flamethrowers, lets be civil). Anyway, as my good friend Wheg's avatar says, Have lots of fun! See you in battle
  13. Rather than issuing rank points for finding Atlantis (which is creating consternation amongst many players), how about instead offering a simple 1 million credit bounty for finding Atlantis! Let's face it, credits are urgently needed by everyone to acquire ordinance (and upgrades for new players). Offering a 1 million credit bounty for finding Atlantis would appeal to new and old players alike. How about it, Silver...?
  14. I am reposting this as a separate topic of discussion given its importance: The notion of awarding eight rank points (+8) for "finding Atlantis" is simply not equitable with: a) destroying 10 million bots (Annihilator); b ) recruiting 10 new players who complete training (Champion); c) harvesting 5 million resources (Industrialist); d) buying 100% of scope upgrades (Commando); e) or buying 1,000 ordinance (Specialist). Given the above, I strongly recommend that "finding Atlantis" be rewarded with only one rank point (+1). Thank you for the opportunity to comment...
  15. anyone find atlantis?

    I just got the message that Atlantis has just been released, and I'm not very famiar with the rule, so plz forgive me if I make a mistake or ask a sily question, I watched the qonqr app in win8 then I got this message, Faceless Clover 3650 bots. and it's been capured by faceless member Jenolen the detailed address is Faceless Clover//Faceless//Atlantis, Other atlantis deployments are all from faceless. I'm very intereted in this new feature, as I'm in China, it's peaceful here. Can anyone tell me that if I find Atlantis and find it is out of my scope range, can I deploy there? Thank you.