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Found 1 result

  1. I have a proposal for an in-game game. It would be one that may be able to let other people enjoy the game and one that may be able to be done by people that are surrounded by others. I propose that we have three 'Embassies' zones be created. These would be zones that we have a truce not to attack, for some point in time. Being that the UN is in Manhattan, I suggest that be the area. These would be able to be built up by any of their team for a period of time TBD. Start - Zone Pick and Equalizing Phase: Get the following conditions met: 1 Assign three sites in NYC as Embassies. I propose the following: Wall Street: Legion Manhattan (Central Park zone) Swarm Times Square Faceless 2 Equalizing I chose Wall Street because we have already built there. I propose Legion stops building at say 1.5 million or 2.0 million. We would not build or attack until Both embassies until they have the same level (within 1500 units). The third team might have a week to go on par with the second and first team. If they do not get there in that time, then the game goes to the first quiet period unleveled. 3 First Quiet period: There will be a quite period till Noon on the next day after step 2 above. During that time the zones are equalized to within 1500 units. The game now starts its next phase. First Mad Build phase: There will be a week (TBD) where all factions build defenses on their zones. I want all three factions to be able to get bigger than Sydney Australia (16.5M): There will be NO attacking of these three zones. We will address attacks during the second quite period. Second Quiet period If possible QONQR game officials will relay the number of attacks that occurred since the first quiet period on those three zones. They will be normalized and those that had extra attacts will get to put in 3 deployements for each one over. Lets say that X, Y and Z are the counts and X was attacked 20 times, Y 25 times and Z 28 times. Y would get to add 15 deployments and Z would add 24 deployements. X would add none. Last Mad Build Phase The attack will then be set for Noon on the next Saturday (OR TBD). This lets more people in the world watch and participate. PENALTIES: For each excess attack after the second quiet period and the last build phase, there will be a 5 minute penalty (TBD) subtracted from the survival time in the WHO WON section for that faction. . This would be calculated by QONQR game officials. These are used in the WINNER RESULTS. Adjustments will be made and agreed upon if an account is appears to have been made to attack one party to help on the penalty phase. There could be a third quiet period where there is no building, no attacking. i would love it if the defenses could be pooled instead of individual. If that occurs I would like the controlling ownder to be Legion, Swarm and Faceless. if not that what about our three LAST PHASE: TOTAL WAR: The attack phase is entered and anything goes. You may want to all attack, defend only, attack one, attack both, this is the madness of total war. This is done until Dread Pirate Roberts Quarter. There will be NO Survivors! WHO WON? With all defeated, the winner is the last one standing. BUT: Determining the winners is where all of the attacks after the second quiet period starts and before TOTAL war are subtracted from the total. The winner is the one that 'Stood proud the longest' What does the faction win? 1 - Bragging Rights 2 - Anything QONQR can give? ----------- Lets have a discussion of the rules. And what cities could host? CorpusD