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Found 3 results

  1. Incentive for Gold Status So I know having a gold ring around your picture is super cool, especially since it shines and stuff for a week and what not... but that is currently all you get for plundering 1mil bots? This game is about taking territory... its basically a giant game of risk... but better. In risk if you control a certain amount of territory, you are rewarded with more troops to place at the beginning of your next turn. I don't think we should get more bots, but what if while having gold status... our bases harvested 50% or even 10% faster or something. It would give "stackers" like myself a (proactive) reason to fight more instead of just sit there and build giant towers. It would also help those who can't stack a boost in money to take on the big boys around them. Harvesting faster would be awesome but it doesn't have to be that specifically.. I just think we should get something more than a gold star Hope I get some comments and opinions from other people who read this and hopefully I'm not alone. I know Silver loves reading these and getting feedback from us all, despite what faction we are apart of.
  2. It seems like not that long ago, winning Atlantis would allow your bases to harvest up to 200%, and soon after the battle ended you'd get a message in your Personal Wire informing you of your efforts and giving you a lump sum of credits for said efforts. With QONQR Blue having been launched and needing credits to upgrade my scope once more, I definitely wanted those boons this month. I was surprised however when my bases only harvested up to 100%, instead of the expected 200%. Not did I get a message in my Personal Wire granting me a lump sum of credits. Have these features been done away with, or is it just that the bases fill faster with the Atlantis boon? Otherwise, I no longer see the point in Atlantis. Can anyone offer up some useful information. Also, a sticky regarding Atlantis would be nice, as I was unable to find one with relevant info.
  3. Is it possible to implement some type of benefit from owning a node? I've been playing QONQR for a few weeks now and have been enjoying the experience. The game is great and lots of fun. One suggestion to make it better is to tie some benefit into owning nodes or from being a node leader. From what I can discern owning a node or being a node leader has no benefit. What about switching the generation of credits from bases to nodes? To have credits based on how many nodes are controlled or contested (have bots in a node but do not control). It would create an incentive to capture nodes and to defend them. Right now it seems a bit pointless. Doing away with bases would also cancel the annoying fact that players have to travel farther and farther from home to deploy new bases. There seems to be no reason for this and it is a problem for folks in a rural area. I'm not certain what the idea behind bases might be (such as - do I have to own the node of my base to get income?). It makes a lot of sense to do away with them and switch to nodes. I know such a change would not be easy and would require a ton of work and testing. I do think it would add an exciting aspect to a solid game and may be worth looking into in the future. In closing, I am greatly enjoying QONQR and am having a blast! Hork