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Found 3 results

  1. Cubes

    Anybody playing the game for a while, realizes that this is a "pay-to-win" game. Spending cubes, really makes a difference. But what about those of us that can't spend so many cubes? Upgrades cost either cubes or qredits. For example level 6 of Damage Enhancer cost either 20 cubes or 200000 qredits, while level 5 of Shield Enhancer costs 16 cubes or 88000 qredits... Some weeks ago I saw an exchange rate of 7000 qredits per cube. Some simple math with this rate shows that 16 cubes are 112000 qredtis while 20 cubes are 140000 qredits, meaning that you should spend cubes on Damage Enhancer and exchange some cubes to buy Shield Enhancer with qredits.... And here comes my question! What is the max value the exchange rate can reach? I have only seen 7000 once and if this is the top, then there is absolutely no point on waiting at least for some upgrades....
  2. Cube Rage!!

    I have to say I'm kinda impressed. DodgyArab has allowed me to witness what can only be called 'cube rage'. 6 hours straight just missiles. Okay he's knocked out 2million of my bots from about 250 zones but it really is something to see first hand. I'm sure he'll carry on through the day too. To me it seems pointless as its burning qreds and cubes for no reason other than giving me the pleasure of clearing them up, for free. If you really feel the need to make up for impotency in your life surely there's a better way? Maybe put your wallet away for a bit and fight with your 'team'. Maybe without your wallet feeding your gameplay the 'team' isn't much to crow about? Anyone else experienced a cuber in full rage mode. I didn't think Qonqr was quick enough to allow this level of launching, over 150 per hour at a guess so I find it quite surprising. Also missile bots will die 6k+ at a time with just ZA. You learn something new every day
  3. My recruiter code is TheGermanSaint. After you get to level 10 and I get the cubes from it I will give you half the cubes I have. It will be a win win for both of us and you don't even have to join the legion if you don't want to.